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  1. P

    911 Urgent!

    Pip had broken a part of her lower beak this morning and we wnet to visit a vet afterwards. They told us to feed her soft foods and give her medicine in the food. Shes always efused to eat anything soft or wet and it looks like when she tries to eat it hurts. Any tips on how to give her food or...
  2. Mutated Beauty

    Urgent Possible Aspiration - Conure

    Hello, my little girl was diagnosed with respiratory issues and was put on medicine on Friday. Today I didn’t realize she didnt swallow and hid it under her tongue and gave her more - thus leaving to her gurgling. It SCARED me. But it was super quick. Then started screaming at me.. Then never...
  3. M

    can mineral block actually safe gor birds

    hellow i heard minearel block and vitamin block actually not good for birds?because it contain plastar of paris,cement,zipsam etc. this element work like slow poison for birds.specially plastar of paris harm more for bird?is it true?if im not use minearel block only use eggshell...
  4. georgieporgie

    Grapefruit Seed Extract As An Anti-Bacterial?

    hi there, was just wondering if grapefruit seed extract is safe for birds and how exactly i would administer it? would i put it in my birds water? if so, how much? thank you
  5. Pamela C

    Anyone have a bird prescribed Gabapentin?

    Hello All, My male lovebird was recently prescribed Gabapentin by the vet to try to help with his plucking issues. He has been on this approximately a week at .01 ml 2x a day. I haven't really seen any improvements or side effects and my vet had discussed bumping up the dosage over the next...