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  1. Cupcakeism

    New to Owning A Macaw

    Hello everyone! So my parents decided to get a macaw. I read through some other threads and everyone here seems super kind and understanding, but I feel it necessary to let everyone know, they have thought about it for years and have previously owned conures, but never anything larger. They just...
  2. Tempted2Touch

    Harrison's reviews

    What is everyone's opinion about Harrison's organic bird food? Which would you experienced macaw owners suggest? Quality and price opinions? Do you notice any visible changes in your macaws? Why do vets recommend it? What are the down sides, if any? What about Harrison's treats...
  3. Tempted2Touch

    Macaw and the floor

    Im not sure if anyone has experience this but when I go visit my B&G at Golden Cockatoo I typically hold him while sitting and he loves it, but sometimes he either ends up jumping off or slips off me and ends up on the ground. Now he doesn't hurt himself I've very gentle but it seems as though...
  4. P

    A&E Double macaw cage strong enough for macaw?

    I need to replace my current hyacinth macaw cage which is the powder coated wrought iron domed one piece - tall and heavy. I realize the the A&E cage states in the name macaw but the cage bar thickness is less than what he has now. My guy has been able to pull the bars of his current cage...
  5. Feathermint

    Hello there! Just adopted a macaw

    Hi! My name is Brittany and since I was very young I have been raising birds. Not breeding them, never doing that, but I've always felt an empty space in my life whenever I can't clean out a bird cage, prepare birdy meals or listen and watch them squawk and carry on. I love interacting with...
  6. Rue

    Finding a balance

    So we just got a GW two days ago, and I was wondering what people suggest for having her become comfortable with us. She's been in and out of her cage, stepped up, danced and overall seems pretty happy. But conversely, she also was angry with me the first day after I had her step up off the top...
  7. RedCarpetEclectus

    Double Macaw Cage Pictures Wanted!!

    HI! Could anyone post pictures of their bird/s in a double macaw cage setup if you have one? Trying to get a grasp on their size :)
  8. RedCarpetEclectus

    Where to buy SS Double Macaw Cage in Aus?

    I am really wanting to get a stainless steel double macaw cage for my Eclectus pair, though I cant seem to find anywhere that sells them in Australia? I don't really want to spend a million bucks on shipping after buying a $4000+ cage.
  9. babyblue35

    Easiest ways to stay on top of poopy messes around play areas.

    Hi Bird lovers!! I was just wondering how everyone stays on top of the bird poop issue. I've tried laying down papers but when Blu flaps his wings, they float around the room and don't stay put. I also have a Great Dane who loves to get under his tree and "forage" through all of Blu's food...
  10. babyblue35

    Pictures Should I get a brother for my Blue and Gold??

    Let me start by saying that I absolutely ADORE my baby Blu :xflove: (or course). My issue right now is that he is so needy of me that I can't even walk by his tree or perch or cage without him screaming if I don't let him step up on me. He barely plays with his toys because all he wants is me...
  11. orni'morphosis

    Hyacinth macaw smell

    Hello guys! I'm back. I have a question for those with Hyacinth macaws. What do Hyacinth macaws smell like? Do they have their own smells? Do males and females smell different? Do they smell different or stronger during the breeding season? Basically it's questions about pheromones in Hyacinth...
  12. H

    HQ vs AE

    So, I've been looking into macaws lately (very seriously!), and I've come across these two cages. These are all 80x40, double macaw, square top cages. Why is the AE cage heavier than the HQ cage? I've read somewhere, most likely on this forum, about HQ being better in terms of cage quality over...
  13. H


    I didn't find this bird, but there is a shelter close to me that has found a blue throated macaw!! Here is a link that was on Craigslist that they uploaded. IF YOU HAVE LOST YOUR BLUE THROATED MACAW IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA OR THE SURROUNDING AREAS, PLASE COME HERE! THIS MIGHT BE YOUR MACAW...
  14. M

    Gold & Blue Macaw

    Help!!!!! My bird is walking up and down the top of his 8 ft cage continually saying "hello"! Every few seconds...he can say 130 words...why the hell is he doing this...he is 19 but I have had him a year...he is breaking my spirit...please help m
  15. C

    Urgent HELP my blue and gold macaw has red puffy itchy eye

    hello, the past few nights i have heard my macaw sneezing in the middle of the night. (she sleeps in the same room as me) and i didn't think much of it because during the day she doesn't at all... but tonight she clearly has an irritated eye and is keeping it closed and itching it. I am...