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  1. M

    Macaw throws his water everywhere when I hoover

    Hey guys I have a male Greenwing Macaw and whenever I hoover he goes straight back into his cage and throws his water all over the place. Is this a known behaviour or is this unique to my bird? I also have a video of it but it won’t allow me to attach it like you can a picture
  2. M

    Iv been offered my eclectus's ex companion macaw

    please give me some advice. 5 months ago I got my first parrot, he is an eclectus, we bought him from his old owner who also owned a macaw which they kept. We love our eclectus though he is only 3 and we are very much still building our bond, he's quite a loud bird and loves to growl, he loves...
  3. Bentley_10

    Macaw feathers

    I have a 6 month old macaw and his feathers are looking rough! Any help or recommendations? Is it poor diet, stress?
  4. Bentley_10

    Blue & Gold Macaw trying to fly him out to another state

    So I have a question! I have a 5 month old Macaw And I currently live in Florida but always back and fourth to Denver, Co because of family. What is the best way to fly him with me? airport in US only (Jacksonville, FL to Denver, Co)
  5. Mamags

    Baby BnG legit breeders

    I want to get a baby blue and gold macaw. I’ve searched online and most seem like scams. Even on bird breeders.com there are scam breeders. I got scammed out of a $500 deposit from a man on there. Any suggestions on who to go to is much appreciated. No rescues are around me. Utah is very limited...
  6. J

    F2 Harliquin

    Hello! I’m trying to find an answer for this: why when F1 Harles get bred with F1 Harles, do the chicks (F2 Harlequins) get brown feathers, look sickly/ill, and most die around 10-13 weeks of age but it doesn’t happen to F2 Catalina’s or F2 Rubys. This has always confused me. Thanks! F1 =...
  7. M

    Looking to reconnect: Maya the B&G macaw in Chicago!

    Hello, My name is Skylar! I am looking to reconnect with a blue and gold macaw my parents rehomed shortly after I was born. Her name is Maya and she was born in 1991. My moms are veterinarians and they had a baby blue and gold come in to the emergency room with a burned esophagus and the...
  8. J

    Barbering flight feathers

    Hello! My newest flock member is a 4 year old green wing macaw named Cami. He came to me with feather destructive behavior towards his flight feathers. The previous owner tried a lot of things including imping him and nothing has helped, everything came back clear besides for a bit he had...
  9. D

    Is this cover and temp ok for my girl?

    Hi friends I am back with a question about Bunny my newly adopted B&G macaw who started a molt shortly after coming home to me. The poor girl really is going through it. Initially I was covering her entirely at night but she seemed more fearful of that, and less fearful of being half covered as...
  10. D

    Night temp/ cage cover question setup for my molting macaw

    I have a newly adopted B&G macaw who started a molt shortly after coming home to me. The poor girl really is going through it. Initially I was covering her entirely at night but she seemed more fearful of that, and less fearful of being half covered as I have her now, in the pic below. Is this...
  11. caspermind

    HELP! Regurgitation??

    Casper has started regurgitating on me as of a few days ago I thought I recognized him doing it, but I officially caught it on video this morning while playing on my computer, what should I do? What does this behavior mean? Does he think I'm his partner? I attached a video below! Thank you! :(...
  12. caspermind

    Random Screaming

    So, my recently adopted 3 year old B&G started screaming yesterday, similar to a woman screaming. I had my headphones in when he did it for the first time yesterday and it spooked the crap out of me. He did it again when I took my headphones off. But he seemed excited to do it, eyes pinning and...
  13. flyzipper

    Macaw "braces" correct scissor beak

    I was pleased to learn about this procedure... Two young macaws were presented with malaligned beaks. This condition is commonly known as wry or scissor beak. The condition was treated by fitting “braces” to correct the abnormality. The braces are composed of a pin through the frontal sinus...
  14. rygby07

    Urgent Macaw plucking pin feathers, but acting normal.

    Please help me out! I have a green-winged macaw I have owned for 5 years now. After his most recent molt I noticed that some of his feathers weren’t growing back in some places. I later noticed that every now and then when grooming himself, he would pull out a pin feather and eat it. Nothing in...
  15. flyzipper

    Asking for a friend -- ligament damage

    Does anyone have experience dealing with ligament damage in birds? Background: the store I shop at has a B&G macaw who suffered damage to the joint of one of his legs during an accident. Diagnosis: x-rays show a separation of the knee joint between the femur and tibia (they're clearly no longer...
  16. RockysMom

    Macaw as a first bird

    Hi everyone! I know most people say that it's a bad idea to get a macaw as a first bird but they're my dream pet. I've thought about getting an IRN or GCC first because they're better for beginners but I'm worried that I wouldn't love it as much once I get a macaw or I won't be able to care for...
  17. S

    Moody Baby

    I have a 7-month-old b&g macaw and she is very moody. Sometimes she is the sweetest and will fly over to me to step up and for cuddles, but on other days when I try to get her to step up, she screams and nips at me. Is this normal for a baby macaw?
  18. Isabella

    Biggest Parrot Species Feathers

    Hi there! I really dont know where to post this but I'm wondering what parrot species have the largest feathers. Any types of feathers - primary, secondary, breast, etc. - just not underflooflies haha. Just a curious thought. I'm assuming it'd probably be some sort of macaw or cockatoo, but...
  19. MacawBegin

    Just hatched 3 baby Scarlets Macaws!!

    Hey guys! New to the online bird forums and groups and was wondering if anyone is in any good macaw breeding groups, specifically scarlet macaws? I have had many macaws over my hobby as a bird lover from blue and golds, scarlets, and greenwings. I currently have a Scarlet Macaw pair that...
  20. MacawBegin

    New to group and to 3 baby scarlet macaws!

    Greetings All! Recently been joining and looking at online avian forums for more information on baby macaws and breeding macaws! Any information and group/forum recommendations would be amazing!