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  1. caspermind

    HELP! Regurgitation??

    Casper has started regurgitating on me as of a few days ago I thought I recognized him doing it, but I officially caught it on video this morning while playing on my computer, what should I do? What does this behavior mean? Does he think I'm his partner? I attached a video below! Thank you! :(...
  2. caspermind

    Random Screaming

    So, my recently adopted 3 year old B&G started screaming yesterday, similar to a woman screaming. I had my headphones in when he did it for the first time yesterday and it spooked the crap out of me. He did it again when I took my headphones off. But he seemed excited to do it, eyes pinning and...
  3. flyzipper

    Macaw "braces" correct scissor beak

    I was pleased to learn about this procedure... Two young macaws were presented with malaligned beaks. This condition is commonly known as wry or scissor beak. The condition was treated by fitting “braces” to correct the abnormality. The braces are composed of a pin through the frontal sinus...
  4. rygby07

    Urgent Macaw plucking pin feathers, but acting normal.

    Please help me out! I have a green-winged macaw I have owned for 5 years now. After his most recent molt I noticed that some of his feathers weren’t growing back in some places. I later noticed that every now and then when grooming himself, he would pull out a pin feather and eat it. Nothing in...
  5. flyzipper

    Asking for a friend -- ligament damage

    Does anyone have experience dealing with ligament damage in birds? Background: the store I shop at has a B&G macaw who suffered damage to the joint of one of his legs during an accident. Diagnosis: x-rays show a separation of the knee joint between the femur and tibia (they're clearly no longer...
  6. RockysMom

    Macaw as a first bird

    Hi everyone! I know most people say that it's a bad idea to get a macaw as a first bird but they're my dream pet. I've thought about getting an IRN or GCC first because they're better for beginners but I'm worried that I wouldn't love it as much once I get a macaw or I won't be able to care for...
  7. S

    Moody Baby

    I have a 7-month-old b&g macaw and she is very moody. Sometimes she is the sweetest and will fly over to me to step up and for cuddles, but on other days when I try to get her to step up, she screams and nips at me. Is this normal for a baby macaw?
  8. Isabella

    Biggest Parrot Species Feathers

    Hi there! I really dont know where to post this but I'm wondering what parrot species have the largest feathers. Any types of feathers - primary, secondary, breast, etc. - just not underflooflies haha. Just a curious thought. I'm assuming it'd probably be some sort of macaw or cockatoo, but...
  9. MacawBegin

    Just hatched 3 baby Scarlets Macaws!!

    Hey guys! New to the online bird forums and groups and was wondering if anyone is in any good macaw breeding groups, specifically scarlet macaws? I have had many macaws over my hobby as a bird lover from blue and golds, scarlets, and greenwings. I currently have a Scarlet Macaw pair that...
  10. MacawBegin

    New to group and to 3 baby scarlet macaws!

    Greetings All! Recently been joining and looking at online avian forums for more information on baby macaws and breeding macaws! Any information and group/forum recommendations would be amazing!
  11. Kitty76

    Hello all!

    My name is Kathy, I'm from Australia and we've recently become the "grand parents" of a 6 month old Illigers Macaw (Gulliver). Gulliver belongs to our son but because he works night shift I take care of Gulliver from the time I get up in morning till evening when my son gets up. In the past I've...
  12. P

    My Macaw is spending long periods of time at the bottom of his cage

    Hello, I have a Scarlet Macaw named Rufus, he's nearing 50 and I've had him for 15 years. For the past month or so he has started spending prolonged periods of time at the bottom of his cage, sleeping down there and spending most of the day down there only really coming up for food and water, he...
  13. flyzipper

    New macaw-sized toy (engaging and robust? ...TBD)

    We received a new shipment today, and while Oscar is mostly interested in the box it arrived in, I'll post an update about how he likes this new toy once he engages with it. It's entirely stainless steel, feels very sturdy, and is fairly simple with two balls that spin around in an enclosed...
  14. BibaDiba

    Baby macaw questions

    I have never had a macaw before, I do have experience with a lot of smaller birds, cockatiels, budgies, lovebirds and have been really wanting a macaw for several years. So I did loads of research, watched many videos, until we found the most beautiful baby macaw and decided that he's the one...
  15. flyzipper

    Spix's macaws being released into the wild

    I've been following this for a while and a major milestone is quickly approaching... The adventure begins - a review. On March 3rd, 2020, the first 52 Spix's Macaws bred in Germany started their journey to their ancestors' homeland, the Brazilian Caatinga. Among them are those 20 parrots that...
  16. flyzipper

    Journal - Should zoo foods be chopped (macaws)

    Thought this was interesting (emphasis below is my own)... Abstract Globally, many zoological collections provide their animals with diets that are chopped into small chunks, yet there is limited empirical research to measure the benefits of this practice. Preparing chopped diets takes...
  17. M

    Macaw Advice

    Hi, I’m meeting my friends Macaw tomorrow and have been told that it flies and attacks almost everyone (my friend is his “person”) Can anyone tell me what to actually if this happens? I.e. run, stand tall etc I don’t want to loose an eye! Practical advice please Thanks so much
  18. flyzipper

    The Macaw Project (documentary)

    More about their environment than the macaws themselves, but I still enjoyed these. Synopsis... A long-term scientific research project has been implemented in the Tambopata Research Center. Here in the Peruvian Amazon, biologists, veterinarians, and geneticists work tirelessly to study the...
  19. HazelNut33

    Your Opinion on Macaw as a First Bird

    One of my friends is a huge bird fan and desperately wants a macaw. She's never owned a bird before though but she's spent countless hours for about a year and a half at the local bird rescue. Her dream bird is a macaw and she doesn't want a starter bird that she'll have to take care of even...
  20. maounm

    Medical tests for a macaw

    Hi i have a 6 year old GW macaw. He is fine and healthy but his droppings are a bit off. Recently, avian medical tests became available in my country and i want to get his general health checked up. No have tests have been performed ever so i want to get them all done. can you please tell me...