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  1. Diveks

    Macaw likes holding her tail

    Hey everyone, So sunset, my macaw has been holding his tail for a long time. She would do this baby thing and be puffed up bobbing her head while scratching her own head, but while this is happening she would grab her tail and hold it while standing on the perch. This would destroy her tail. She...
  2. Diveks

    Macaw in outdoor aviary

    I have a 1,5x3 (5 feet x 9 feet) outdoor cage for my macaw, it is protected from drafts from every side of it, and has a roof. I have toys and different perches in it (well had, since she destroyed almost all of the toys in there, currently ordering new toys) im wondering if its ok to keep her...
  3. Diveks

    Macaw mood swings

    So sunset, my macaw that ive had for 6 years (since she was a baby). Have been having mood swings for no reason sometimes. She has been like this since she was little, thought that was normal but none of my other birds do that. She can go from very very sweet, to hating you in one second. She is...
  4. GJMOhio

    Hello to avian lovers everywhere - cosequin/dasuquin

    I have a 19 year old blue macaw that was a rescue. Took quite some time to socialize him but he does wonderfully.
  5. hrafn

    Taco's pupil is suddenly an abnormal shape

    I was just hanging out with Taco and getting him settled in for bed, and I noticed that the pupil in his left eye (my right, his left) is suddenly a very bizarre shape. It looks kind of like two circles squished together. I'm up in his face on a regular basis and only just noticed it, so I feel...
  6. hrafn


  7. KiaTheMacaw

    Urgent New Macaw, Small Bump on Cheek

    Hi All, I am new to the forum - we have other birds but just adopted a Macaw. The Macaw has a small bump on his cheek sort of similar to what I'd say looks like a pimple but away from feathers. Please see the picture for reference I've circled it. We have a vet appointment but can't get in...
  8. hrafn

    Is chain link strong enough for a macaw?

    @Macawnutz @aooratrix @Hankmacaw @JLcribber, and anyone else with insight: Do you think that stainless chain link would be strong enough to withstand the mighty beak of Taco? I've been looking at dog runs and chicken coops as possible replacements for his cage, since they're large and sturdy...
  9. hrafn


    I was eight years old when I met a macaw for the first time. My eldest sister had just got a job at The Village Cantina, a quaint little Mexican restaurant with a very volatile poltergeist, a truly amazing guacamole, and two beautiful, enormous parrots. I didn’t know at the time what they were...
  10. H

    Blue and White macaws any info?

    Saw this website advertising Blue and White macaws: White & Blue Macaws - Heaven Parrots Aviary Anyone have any experience with this mutation? Anyone know of any health problems this mutation is prone to? Anyone know of any personality traits this mutation is known for? Overall just curious...
  11. C

    Looking for a Macaw

    Hi! Im new here and looking for a Macaw (Hyacinth, Blue and Gold and Scralet Macaw) to be sent in the Philippines if possible. Thanks! Please respect.
  12. hrafn

    Helping Taco build up strength in his feet?

    Presumably because he spent over a decade with only a single (cockatiel-sized, dowel) perch in his cage, which forced his toes to constantly overlap, Taco's grip in his feet is about as powerful as the average marshmallow. Though he does okay when it comes to traversing his cage and getting...
  13. F

    Looking for large bird like macaw to give loving home

    Hello I am looking to give a wonderful home to a bird in need, I can afford a fee. I have a cage and toys galore. Also have a herb garden I’m growing for the birds. I currently have a parrotlet he’s been with us for 4 years. I’m a stay at home mom and have all the time in the world. I would love...
  14. hrafn

    Pictures A baby at the pet store

    I had to run to the store to get something for Morgan, but they didn't have it at Petsmart so (against my better judgement) I went to Petland, ie. The Land of Godawful Habitats. Petland's one of the very few stores that carries large birds like 'toos and CAGs, but I've never seen a macaw in...
  15. hrafn

    Pictures A second macaw?

    Don't freak out, I haven't done anything yet. :p So, for all of my fellow mac enthusiasts with multiple birds, what do you think...would Taco benefit from the companionship of a second macaw? I have the opportunity to potentially bring in another male B&G; a healthy, 14-year-old giant Bolivian...
  16. hrafn

    Pictures Taco needed a bigger foraging box...

    This one's four feet long. Hopefully it'll last him a little while longer than usual. :D:D
  17. Samantha Beben

    Prospective Macaw Owner

    Hi! I’m new to this site and my husband and I are talking about getting a macaw when we can financially afford one. I have some concerns and would like a macaw owner to give me some insight? My husband and I want to travel not necessarily every month but we would like to go on week vacations...
  18. hrafn

    Pictures I'm always the bearer of bad news...

    ...so I figured it was high time to bring on the good news! :D The lunacy is nigh unending in this crazy zoo of a household, but as of this very moment, things are looking super high. My bully breed mix, who has been suffering with one illness or another since she was rescued from the streets...
  19. hrafn

    Video Dancin' fool!

    Taco hates dancing on camera, so I had to go covert to get this. He got wise to my stealth, though. :D He's such a cutie. I replayed this part of Zoolander a good 30 times because he was having so much fun rocking out to the song. :disco:
  20. hrafn

    The mango meister has joined in the screech-fest

    Though Kraz and Aurélie are both first-rate screamers and live to shriek at each other across the hallway, Taco and Kamara have always been very quiet and well-mannered. Of course they always join in the Dawn Chorus and they like to chat, but their hollers are few and far between. But Taco has...