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  1. flyzipper

    New macaw-sized toy (engaging and robust? ...TBD)

    We received a new shipment today, and while Oscar is mostly interested in the box it arrived in, I'll post an update about how he likes this new toy once he engages with it. It's entirely stainless steel, feels very sturdy, and is fairly simple with two balls that spin around in an enclosed...
  2. BibaDiba

    Baby macaw questions

    I have never had a macaw before, I do have experience with a lot of smaller birds, cockatiels, budgies, lovebirds and have been really wanting a macaw for several years. So I did loads of research, watched many videos, until we found the most beautiful baby macaw and decided that he's the one...
  3. flyzipper

    Spix's macaws being released into the wild

    I've been following this for a while and a major milestone is quickly approaching... The adventure begins - a review. On March 3rd, 2020, the first 52 Spix's Macaws bred in Germany started their journey to their ancestors' homeland, the Brazilian Caatinga. Among them are those 20 parrots that...
  4. flyzipper

    Journal - Should zoo foods be chopped (macaws)

    Thought this was interesting (emphasis below is my own)... Abstract Globally, many zoological collections provide their animals with diets that are chopped into small chunks, yet there is limited empirical research to measure the benefits of this practice. Preparing chopped diets takes...
  5. M

    Macaw Advice

    Hi, I’m meeting my friends Macaw tomorrow and have been told that it flies and attacks almost everyone (my friend is his “person”) Can anyone tell me what to actually if this happens? I.e. run, stand tall etc I don’t want to loose an eye! Practical advice please Thanks so much
  6. flyzipper

    The Macaw Project (documentary)

    More about their environment than the macaws themselves, but I still enjoyed these. Synopsis... A long-term scientific research project has been implemented in the Tambopata Research Center. Here in the Peruvian Amazon, biologists, veterinarians, and geneticists work tirelessly to study the...
  7. HazelNut33

    Your Opinion on Macaw as a First Bird

    One of my friends is a huge bird fan and desperately wants a macaw. She's never owned a bird before though but she's spent countless hours for about a year and a half at the local bird rescue. Her dream bird is a macaw and she doesn't want a starter bird that she'll have to take care of even...
  8. maounm

    Medical tests for a macaw

    Hi i have a 6 year old GW macaw. He is fine and healthy but his droppings are a bit off. Recently, avian medical tests became available in my country and i want to get his general health checked up. No have tests have been performed ever so i want to get them all done. can you please tell me...
  9. flyzipper

    Hybrid macaw in the wild

    I follow this account on Instagram (mostly for the flock of Severe macaws they often feature), but this image caught my attention... ... I asked if that was common, and you can see their response above.
  10. M

    Can i keep these birds together in a large aviary *this is my imagination rn*

    First thing is that im very sorry if i put this in the wrong thing. Ok so 1 acre aviary- Can i keep the following birds together 1 Red Shouldered Macaw 3 Sun Conure 3 White Crowned Pionus 1 Green Cheek Amazon Parrot 3 Green Cheeck Conure 1 Black head Caique 5Amazon Parrotlet(Idk maybe) So...
  11. S

    Best formulas for budgies

    Typically I do not hand rear my budgies unless I have to for some safety reason, as I am a proponent of avoiding hand feeding species like budgies because they are easily socialized and tamed by simple gentle handling during and after weaning. However, I do have occasions to hand feed if it is...
  12. sailerrose

    DO NO USE CLOROX CLEANER + BLEACH - warning to ALL pet owners!

    Hi all, I'm a "new" member to the group but have been coming to Avian Avenue for advice for years. Today I made an account to make a post about this specifically. My green wing macaw was poisoned this weekend after a family member sprayed Clorox's Cleaner + Bleach in the same room. My house has...
  13. Missyszlee

    Can a Macaw be happy as an Only Bird?

    Hey all, question.. Do any of you have a macaw as an ONLY bird in the household? Do you think they’re genuinely happy and fulfilled? Or do you think they need other macaws or other birds around to be happy?
  14. flyzipper

    Volunteer opportunity - Costa Rica

    The Macaw Recovery Network is looking for volunteers.
  15. flyzipper

    Northern Costa Rica Canopy Tour (Macaw Recovery Network)

    This is the opposite of bird watching, but I enjoyed the perspective it offers (i.e. the bird's as they fly above the canopy). The video should work even if you're not on Facebook. https://fb.watch/v/aBsWNoVhb/ The Macaw Recovery Network is an organization that's focused on breed and release...
  16. maounm

    15 weeks old GW

    Hello everyone! My GW is 15 weeks old now. I hand feed him around 12 pm 60ml and then at 5 pm around 60-100 ml. Is that enough? i give him veggies fruits nuts and other stuff and he eats a bit. what should the feeding schedule be at this age?
  17. maounm

    2 months old GW macaw

    Hello everyone! My GW is 2 months now and i have a few questions. He tries to climb out of his box 3-4 times a day mostly after hand feeding and throws out some feed while trying to do so. My question is when should i put him in a cage? He doesn't perch yet but was able to climb out of a half...
  18. maounm

    Video 8 weeks old GW macaw regurgitating formulae

    Hello everyone. I switched my 8 weeks old GW’s formulae to psittacus high energy plus. Before switching he was getting 125ml three times a day now he is getting 100 ml 3 times a day. He throws out some feed sometimes eventhough i have decreased the total quantity. He just throws out some not...
  19. Nnbal

    Is my parrot sick

    Hello. I have a 1 year old Macaw parrot. His name is Pasa. He sneezes especially at night. Its current is ignored. Light colored He eats well. He is very happy. It has no other problems. Just sneezing. Our vet gave antibiotics. We used. But it did not pass. I bought an air filter in his room...
  20. maounm

    7 weeks old macaw panting

    Hi my 7 week old macaw was heavily panting when he was resting today. Sometimes he is just normal and when he rests he pants. If i play with him and is walking his breath remains normal. Please help. I am sharing a youtube video link https://youtube.com/shorts/xavoUCNB0M8 Playing