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macaw help

  1. T

    Updates & Stepping up advice.

    Hey Guys, I posted in here a few weeks ago seeking some help with my recently adopted B&G macaw on my prior post. I appreciate everyone’s tips and I’ve been taking things very slow and it’s been a huge drastic change, my boy loves to get pets/scratches and even asks for them. He has no issues...
  2. Hahns0hmy

    chipped beak!

    i have gone through many of the posts all over the forum on this topic and it has helped calm my nerves slightly but i thought id ask before i rush to an animal hospital over reacting. I have a 1 year old hahns male who is very active as im sure many of you know and chews everything. today I...
  3. M

    Pictures Macaw's droppings

    Hello everyone. I am worry about health of one from my parrots. She is Gold and Blue macaw 4 years old. I noticed that her behaviour became more quiet as usually. And also her droppings doesn't look normal to me. It has bright green color and urine is also green. So I am worry that it might be...
  4. trinitymmgd1

    HALP IN Portland/Washington

    Hey guys, I'm hoping to find someone in Vancouver WA or Portland, OR (can drive 5-10 hours out if needed) areas to board my birds. I have an 8 month Catalina Macaw and a four year old Sulphur Too. I am relocating with my family of birds and two dogs, I am hoping I won't have to board them here...
  5. G

    baby catalina

    i have a new 3.5 month baby CATALINA. First week was amazing Ginger was free and i had fed her 3 times. after a few days i start to give her pieces of apple. then she start to fly around inside the house, and sit on the top of closet kitchen.i have to convince her to go down and give her her...
  6. AMHMShadow

    Help with my Harlequin

    Hello, I brought my new 22 year old Harlequin Macaw home yesterday. This will be my first big bird, and my first bird since I was a teen. His name was Harley, however, a recent obsession with American Gods on Audiobook has him only answering to Shadow. So, we call him Shadow Bird now. His...
  7. Shorty's Grl


    I'm curious about the signs to look for when he is ready to wean... I don't think he's ready AT All but by the end of the month if he keeps making developments like he is i think so. I really just want to be prepared as i can to make the transition as stress free as possible. He climbs and...
  8. pez0910

    Flightsuit help??

    Hello everyone I'm trying to train my B&G to accept a flightsuit so I can take her outside, and it's going okay. Except there's a slight problem. She lets me put it on her fine, but she viciously bites when I try to take it off. I'm still bleeding from her. I've tried alternatives, such as...
  9. jess bowen


    Hi every one , I'm new on here and have been doing a lot of research on macaws and how they are with children , i can't get much positive feedback on the internet! i own a RBC a GCC and my kids are fine with them , 4 years and 3 year old boys , i have taught them to be respectfull of the...
  10. K

    Blue and Gold Macaw feet

    Hi guys Ive had my Blue and Gold Macaw for two years and took him to the vet for a check up a few months ago. The vet informed me that he's super healthy and well looked after. This week I noticed that he taken off some of his skin from his feet. Is anyone aware of this issue and how can i sort...
  11. Cupcakeism

    New to Owning A Macaw

    Hello everyone! So my parents decided to get a macaw. I read through some other threads and everyone here seems super kind and understanding, but I feel it necessary to let everyone know, they have thought about it for years and have previously owned conures, but never anything larger. They just...