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  1. BagOfMoss

    Biting and trying to get into my mouth

    I have a Lovebird named Lily and she is at least 1-2 years old, we bought her off of her old owner who kept her and her late partner in a garage for a year after receiving the pair from his late father. Due to something in her past she absolutely hates hands. So bad that when we got her, she...
  2. L

    Is he okay?

    Hey y’all, i’m always paranoid about my Archie but it’s just because I want him to be as happy and healthy as possible. Another question for the culture: do his wings/ feathers look okay? i’m considering scheduling another vet visit , although our vet said he is happy and healthy a month or two...
  3. X.rei

    My birds love me sometimes, but hate me most of the time... help!

    (Sorry for this essay worth of text). A month ago i got a beautiful lovebird couple, they're from the pet store and are pretty bipolar. My female (5 months old) was the first one to get close to me, and let me feed her through the bars, while the male (7 months old) took a bit more time. Since...
  4. Mango&Five

    lovebird mutation id help please?

    when i bought her i was told that she was a girl and pied mutation, im just wondering if that’s true and what mutation exactly?
  5. L

    7 week old bird splochy feathers

    Hello i have a lovebird thats about 7 weeks old and he has no feathers on his head due to being attacked by bird when he was a baby. Thankfully his head feathers are growing back but that's not the main issue. Compared to his brothers and sisters his feathers have discolouration and is a bit...
  6. ktluvszoe

    Terrible at making grains and legumes. Bird seems to know it lol. Is this frozen quinoa mix parrot safe for chop?

    Last chop I made, my bird wouldn't eat any of her legumes or grains at all. Personally, I'm a pretty good cook but I suck at making myself beans or rice, never the right texture, so I don't blame her. Wondering what you all think regarding adding this frozen quinoa blend to her next batch of...
  7. ktluvszoe

    Roaches in bedroom! Help me find a similar cage w/ horizontal bars pls

    Hi all, TDL: I need to get rid of roaches and am looking for new appropriate day cage ($100-250 w/ horizontal bars), to do all feedings and keep away from bedroom I’m having the worst nightmare rn! I’ve started to redecorate my room recently and purchased a new zinus bed and mattress (both from...
  8. Aikofurr

    Bird biting (help!)

    So we've had our lovie for a couple months now, he/she is 1 year old now. So he/she is never one to bite. Even when picking up or doing very stressful things he/she would never bite or act aggressive. He/she is getting more tame. He/she will happily come onto your finger and allow with...
  9. S

    pionus or love bird ?

    Hi there! I am looking for a bird- i had 2 birds back when i was younger first bird was a cocktail and then i had 2 budgies... I live in a apartment, i go to school and i am 6-8 hours away from home depending on the day, i have done a lot of reasherch on birds- i will have a big cage and lots of...
  10. squeak514

    Jealous Lovebird ??

    My lovebird, Peaches, has a habit of biting whenever I have company over. She loves seeing new people and is quick to fly right to them, but whenever I get close (usually to pick her up myself or remove her if requested), I receive a nice, painful bite. When it's just her and I, she's incredibly...
  11. Littlelovebird

    Scratching and destroying feathers

    Hi guys! I have a hen lovebird and she scratches feathers near her eye and beak so bad that she ends up with a bald spot. At first we thought it was a molt and then we realized her nails were too sharp. Because of covid the service for trimming nails was closed at our oet store so we waited too...
  12. Littlelovebird

    Sharpening claws? Or something else

    Hey guys! Skit started a curious behavior since we started working from home. Maybe she was doing it when we werent home and we just noticed it now that we are always here. she is preening and cleaning her nails or claws but she spends a lottttt of time on her nails. Like she can spend 20 min...
  13. Littlelovebird

    Are females more aggressive depending on season?

    Hey guys so my little Skittles is about 6 months now! She is a diva. Cuddly when we feels like it and really stubborn lol. She likes to growl every now and the and spends her day perch near the computer while my boyfriend works and singing. She definitely likes him better cause he can put her on...
  14. Littlelovebird

    Droppings diet and toys?

    Hey guys! skittles is now 5 months and she is super healthy and active! She eats pellets, veggies and fruits,seeds is a bit more of a reward like nutriberries for example. Today I noticed something weird in her droppings. The consistency was a bit weird ans there was little dark green spots and...
  15. Littlelovebird

    Hen behavior - like a plane

    Hey guys! Another question for yoo today. Skit is doing the "planeur" as we say in french. I dont know how you call it in english but its a position that they make to indicate to the male to get on their back etc...I always had males in the past so that never was an issue! Im just wondering if I...
  16. Littlelovebird

    My girl fell in the dishwater

    Hi guys, So my 5 months lovebird fell in the sink this morning. I wasnt there but my boyfriend told me she was on his shoulder and bit his neck and he kinda jerked cause it was painful and by moving suddenly she fell... in the sink. He was emptying the sink when she fell so the water was...
  17. sjalfsmord

    Lovebird Just Passed Away

    Guys I'm so sorry that I'm writing this and making this a thread but I really need some help. Today's been so hard on me. I didn't actually want to write the whole story but I guess I should let everyone who read this post knows. Kavun was..very sick. And she didn't show any single symptom...
  18. Wilson99

    Pictures Advise for a baby love bird

    Hi I'm new to this form I'd really like some advice for helping to wean my baby lovebird mango. its above 6 weeks old and has shown no interest besides playing with its solid food. I dont want to rush it with weaning but I'm worried that it should be more Interested in solid food by now. the...