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  1. S

    Urgent My parrot (green cheek conure) fell and was holding his leg

    It happened yestreday, he got scared of something and fell and faw cluthing one of his legs. He stopped after like a minute and got back to using it as before. It was concerning enough but even more because it happened before. He fell, clutched his leg and was all good few seconds later. He...
  2. L

    Problem with parrot's leg

    Hello! We noticed something on our parrot's leg. She doesn't feel well these days and we noticed this things on both legs. Could someone help us what are these and how we could help her? Thank you! Adél and Sarolta :)
  3. S

    Urgent Arthritis in Cockatiel Foot / Leg

    I have a 10 year old male cockatiel who had a fall a year ago and injured his left foot. The guy who clipped his wings, clipped them too short. In any case - I took him to the vet and got pain meds for him - metacam. The vet said it was not a break, but a sprain. The vet suspects that he could...
  4. S

    Urgent!!! Sun Conure Baby unable to stand up

    I recently got a sun conure baby claimed to be 3-4 months old from a breeder who was unable to take care of it as it couldn't stand up. He told me that it should be fed twice a day but I noticed that that wasn't enough and now I'm feeding it thrice a day. I got it to the only vet who was...
  5. C

    Swollen/warm leg after splint

    My bird fractured her leg almost two months ago. She just got her splint taken off by the doctor yesterday, however today it does look a bit swollen and feels warm. Is this normal? Is there any way I can help her leg or will it heal on its own? Her fractured leg is healed now.
  6. A

    Urgent bird standing on one foot

    recently Shenron has been into a bad accident with falling to the floor of his cage and it looked like he was in a state of shock and two of his back nails of his left foot broke off. i took him to the vet right away and they said that he's find and nothing seems broken but he's just in the...
  7. M

    Urgent Green Cheek Conure Broken Leg - Advice/Opinions/Reassurance?

    Hi there, Unfortunately, our 2 month old green cheek conure got a little too excited, flew around frantically and hit one of our tall shelving units. This happened about 3 weeks ago, we took him to the vet, who splinted his left leg and he's been recovering. I have copies of his initial xray...
  8. E

    Baby Lovebird suddenly limping. No avian vet in town or anywhere near.

    Hello! This morning I let my 2 month old lovebird out of the cage to fly around - once she went back on her cage I noticed how she was standing on one leg and the other holding in in the air as you see in the picture attached. She had previously did this before but it only lasted about a minute...
  9. Zara

    Splayed legs 101 - What is it? How to fix it?

    What is it? Spraddle leg, also known as splayed leg(s), is a condition where the legs of a chick are sticking outwards and the chick is not able to support it´s own body weight. A chicks legs should sit vertically under the body and not at an angle. What causes it? Insufficient bedding in the...