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  1. B

    Fonzie and gf together

    I decided to put my two Java Rice Finches together and see if they'd like it. Only moments after putting Fonzie in the same cage as my hen...they're perching together! Still don't have a name for the hen. Any suggestions?
  2. P


    Hey everyone, my name is Juniper, I’m 20, use she/they pronouns, and am about to become the owner of a beautiful little budgie! Just wanted to say hi :) :budgie2::budgie: Coming soon!
  3. Sherry S

    Happy to be here!

    I hope this is the appropriate place to put my introduction. I am very happy to be here with fellow bird lovers. I’m a retired nurse, happily married, 3 grown children, 3 grandchildren, a senior Boston Bull Terrier, 3 teils, a SC, and a WBC...
  4. Flyover

    Return of the Baby Budgies

    Last winter I relented and gave a pair of my budgies a nesting box, in which three eggs hatched. They were great raising the babies, but I was quite happy when a friend asked if she could have all three. I immediately said yes, with the addendum that if for whatever reason it didn't work out, I...
  5. Flyover

    Budgie Reconciliation?

    Last winter I had to separate my two pairs of budgies who had lived mostly peaceably for a couple of years sharing a single cage in my sun room. In January, one pair staked out the long-ignored hanging coconut house for a nest, leading the other pair to engage in a bloody battle and sending me...
  6. gavagai

    Greetings from Texas

    Hi all. I have a long history with birds, going back most of my life to around my 11th birthday. I'm going to share my whole horrible history, including the various things horrible things I did in the process of learning to keep birds. Beginnings Before I had birds I'd had fish, which I'd...
  7. Spnfox

    Hello world :)

    Hello everyone, its nice to find a forum that is still active that is strictly dedicated to our feathered babies. To start things off, My name is Kathy. I am 25 years old. I've been around animals and birds my whole life. I loved them so much as I grew up that I took up working at an exotic...