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  1. KaiKestrel

    Pictures What breed is Chirp?

    Hi! Im curious to what breed of budgie Chirp is. I know it's Australian and a male but the specific type alludes me. I was thinking grey green but his bum feathers are very colorful and his tail is banded. I've attached a picture of his bum feathers, a front view of him, a picture taken with...
  2. Raulavila

    Can anyone identify this mutation.

    My lovebirds latest clutch turned out this beauty and I'm kind of wondering what all of you think she is mutation wise?
  3. BirdLady13

    Mutation Identification

    Can someone identify the mutation of my lovebird?
  4. wavywavy

    Pictures Parrotlet Mutation Identification?

    Hello! I am new around here so I do apologize if I am in the wrong place. When I was younger, I raised all types of birds including raising and breeding parrotlets, however I only ever bred standard wild-type green and blues. Several years have passed and I am getting back into owning...
  5. B

    Urgent Please Help - Wild Baby Bird Australia

    Hey guys, A couple of days ago, we found one of my cats near a baby bird and took it in. I called a wildlife rescue and sent them photos, and the person I spoke to said the bird was a noisy miner. Now, my first instinct was to take it to a vet but the thing is, my mum hates taking wild animals...
  6. F

    Pictures Can anyone identify this parrot???

    Hello everybody! I work at the Virignia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond VA, and we own this Italian portrait of an unidentified little (rich) girl from the 1500s. But what in the world is that creature she is holding? It's got to be some kind of parrot, right? Thanks for all your help! -- Fatima...