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  1. S

    conure and cockatiel breed??

    alright, this is a new acc so ill try to make this as short as possible. I own a female cockatiel and a male green cheek conure. They are not 1 year old yet, but around 8-9 months. Lately I've been seeing hormonal behavior. The conure becoming territorial and easily angered, and the cockatiel...
  2. flyzipper

    Hybrid macaw in the wild

    I follow this account on Instagram (mostly for the flock of Severe macaws they often feature), but this image caught my attention... ... I asked if that was common, and you can see their response above.
  3. B

    is my lovebird a hybrid?

    not sure if they're a he or a she, but i just stick with he for now. Hes about over a month and a half old. The place my parents brought them from is a place where they dont really care about animals (there are none where i live). It's getting supported by the wave of parents just buying their...
  4. C

    Is this caique a hybrid?

    Good day all, hope you are doing well. I have a question I was hoping to ask. I was gifted a female white bellied caique and I just purchased a male for her.. He is a lovely bird and I am happy as hell to have him. But I have this one nagging feeling that he might be a cross and not a pure white...
  5. ChromeClad

    HELP Is Pinot a normal Green Cheek?

    Hey guys! So, Pinot is doing great in his new home with me, but I had a few questions in regards to green cheeks. Pinot is much larger than average, and his head shape seems different than most green cheeks (he weighs 98 grams but vet said he was healthy, keel was flush) His colouration seems...
  6. B

    New time member! I’d like to introduce my conures!

    please enjoy my conures, and if you have a hybrid, I’d love to hear the story of yours!
  7. tukibaby

    Pineapple Hybrid?

    Does anyone know what a hybrid between a yellow sided green cheek conure and a pineapple green cheek conure would look like?
  8. M

    What is a ring And no ring lovevrd and cross breed/hybrid lovebirs

    Hello Im interest to buy love bird.but i here there is a two species love bird ring love bird and no ring love bird.what is a ring and no ring love bird and how i know.?And what is a hybrid/crossbreed love bird? and how i identified hybrid/crosbreed love bird..pls tell me detais.thanks
  9. M

    Can two different breeds have babies?!

    Please help! I found this website when I typed in "Conure Quaker hybrid" and turns out the guy that posted it did it as an April fool's joke so not very helpful.. Well I have a female green cheeked conure and a male Quaker and the female has laid 5 eggs! It's been close to two weeks since this...
  10. M

    Sun conure and a new conure

    Hello, I have a male sun conure. I’m planing on getting a second conure. I’m just not sure if it’s best to get a different species. I want a turquoise green cheek. Do you think this would be okay with my sun conure? I don’t want to breed them but if for some reason it happens I’ve read their...
  11. Garet

    Pictures Hybrid lovebird?

    I'm fairly certain my new gal is a hybrid. My question isn't regarding breeding her, as even if she isn't, I don't want to breed her. I've already seen her carrying off shredded paper both in her beak and tailfeathers. she's got a tiny patch of black on the nape of her neck, but also has a...