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house sparrow

  1. Etzli

    Kinked/curved feathers in House Sparrow

    Hello all! I've yet to introduce myself which I shall do in depth in an intro thread, but I'm Mahcuilcoatl, or if it's easier, Etzli! I had a concern regarding a house sparrow, whom I've named Birdgang Amadeus Mozart, and I can't seem to find anything anywhere on this issue with his...
  2. B

    Sparrow's beaks changing colors

    Hi! I'm new here so I'm not really sure how to post questions like this so I hope I'm doing it right. Anyways, so I have 2 house sparrows, one boy and one girl, they're both around 6 months old. Recently as in the past week or so I've noticed both of their beaks are turning dark greyish instead...
  3. B

    My Sparrow Pecks Me

    I'm not sure if this belongs here, so please let me know if it should be moved or removed. I took in a nestling house sparrow a few weeks ago, I think he's (unsure of sex) around 4 weeks old now and appears healthy. Usually he's pretty calm, but sometimes he'll just run at my hand and start...
  4. Turonis

    Beak Discoloration in Sparrow

    Hi everyone, I hope you are all safe in this weird times we are living. I have searched the internet about this issue and the information on sparrows is very scarce, so I decided to post it here because of all the very experienced members of the community. It's the middle of the Fall season here...
  5. E

    Looking for large cage for small bird

    Hello, I am new to this forum. I have 2 birds, a ringneck dove and a rescued House Sparrow. (Intro to come soon) I am looking for a cage recommendation for my House Sparrow. I want a large flight cage for indoors, with the small bar spacing. I'm hoping to find one asap. He's in a 18" deep, 30"...
  6. Nuke

    How much Coconut oil for small bird?

    I'm curious how much coconut oil I should feed my bird? He's a House Sparrow so he's about the size of a canary or so. How much should I give him daily?