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help at home

  1. C

    Alexandrine Parrot scratching

    Hi! I have a 6-month old alexandrine Usually he grooms himself and I’ve seen him calm but today he was scratching some parts of his feathers really fast and intensely that it made me think he might have lice or something? ( he hasn’t had a bath it’s really cold in my country now ) And I can’t...
  2. C

    New owner of a alexandrine parrot

    Hi! Yesterday I got an alexandrine parrot of 6-months old ( believed to be a male) He is kinda of aggressive and the first day he wouldn’t touch his food , my sister had to hand feed him some seeds from outside the cage. He also didn’t sleep. I traveled home and the travel went really well. When...
  3. snapeybird


    So it was around 10:30am and my bird was chill, it was fine sat next to me on a perch, very tame and lovely, but he started freaking out for no reason and flew into at least 3 walls and now it's bleeding from the image you can see here, I'm not sure what to do, I've put water on the injury and...
  4. Z

    Urgent Baby cockatiel red and swollen crop

    I have recently hatched a baby cockatiel and it is 13 days old but 2 days ago, I found out that the baby’s crop was turning red and a bit swollen. We had always feed it at the correct temp around 40 degrees and it has always been in its brooder. It kind of looks like it was burned and it starts...
  5. Puiusi


    Hello, I have a female canary that is sneezing, coughing, wheezing and breathing heavily,and is always fluffed up, she also seems tired. this is a video of her that I took today. She still eats. She started showing symptoms like this yesterday. I'm giving him Enrofloxacin in the water and I've...
  6. J

    Mischievous Cockatiel! haha :)

    Hello all! I need some advice! I have a very “spirited” cockatiel if you will their name is Sunny and we’re not 100% if they are male/female as of yet because they are only 9/10 months old. Recently they have been very “flighty” and “jumpy” ... goes mental when we leave the room to go into the...
  7. M

    My 14 year old hen is drinking a lot of water

    I have a 14 year old female cockatiel named Henrietta who has been a chronic egg layer her whole life. I've taken her to the vet in the past and done everything possible to discourage egg laying behavior. Changed her diet to Lefeber pellets mixed with a little bit of seed and Kaytee bird greens...
  8. BudgieMom

    keep your budgies cool this summer

    Hello everyone I have made a list of things to do for your Budgies to keep them cool during the summer here are some tips and ideas Buy a small fan from the dollar store. For this you can use any fan but these work great! Put it near your Budgie and make sure that its not to close as they might...
  9. Candi Kirk

    New to site and new mom to ringneck

    Hi all I'm new to the group and very new to being a bird mom. We got our bird on Friday and since then I have lived on Google and in my kitchen. IV cool veg, made apple sauce and spent loads on toys and other treats. Despite all the effort our bird only talks and interacts with my hubby. He is...
  10. D

    How can I use Rescue Remedy for a Cockatiel exposed to bleach fumes?

    My 7 year old male Cockatiel named Picasso was unintentionally exposed to bleach fumes last evening and has not been himself since ... I got him into fresh air pretty immediately and left him there throughout the night. He is acting a little better today but I have not seen him eat or drink and...