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hello new friends

  1. C

    Hi everyone. Thanks for the invite.

    Hello. I have 2 weeks ago acquired a peach face lovebird. Supposedly a boy. Approx 3mnths old. Hand reared. My daughter called him Cheeky. I have no idea for sure if he is a boy or a girl he is a bit bitey, especially in the last week. He has chosen my daughter as his person ❤ we are in Australia.
  2. BabyBirdMa


    Me and my 9 rescue birds are new here: 4 Budgies, 4 Conures and an African Grey. Can someone please reply to my behavior thread? I’m having some trouble with one of my Conures and I really need advice.
  3. Reds


    Hi everyone! Here to introduce my newest family member. A 3 1/2 month old Congo African Grey. (hatched Nov 13, 2020) First vet checkup was yesterday and vet said it looks great and healthy, was very social and even untied the vets mask! It’s gender is still unknown, dna testing was done...
  4. Angela_2

    Losing feather :(

    Hello there, it's my first ever post in here so please if i post this issue in wrong place let me know^^* So. I got my first parrot, a young ringnecked parakeet but his feathers isn't in good condition, i have him for only month until now(still don't know if he's a male of female but i will talk...
  5. Beasley

    Hello Everyone!

    I’m happy to join the fold! Sorry I’m a bit late on introducing myself I’ve been really working with my lovebird Giuseppe (Peeps) and he just HATES my phone with a passion. We’re currently working on “no biting” also I’ve been having some rather upsetting finch drama... A bit about me: I...
  6. Brenifer

    Pictures New Bird Enthusiast!

    Hi! My name is Brenifer and I just recently got my first bird, Hane (ha-nae). He is a budgie with recessive pied cobalt feathers and a whole lot of personality. We are both very excited to begin our birding journey in the company of all you other bird lovers and hope to learn as much as we can...
  7. Spnfox

    Hello world :)

    Hello everyone, its nice to find a forum that is still active that is strictly dedicated to our feathered babies. To start things off, My name is Kathy. I am 25 years old. I've been around animals and birds my whole life. I loved them so much as I grew up that I took up working at an exotic...