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health help

  1. L

    Chick health !

    The second egg of my tiels clutch just hatched yesterday . I also had to take one of chicks out because it had died yesterday . I went to the nesting box to check on the chicks and realized one of the two chicks was on the side of the box against the wall . I also found the dead one against the...
  2. L

    4 day old baby Tiel found dead.

    My cockatiel pair ( Piper and Lupin) just had their second clutch of eggs ever. There first clutch was a success and all 4 babies made it . The mom( piper ) laid four eggs and one of them hatched 4 days ago. This morning I checked the nesting box for any new hatchlings but found something I did...
  3. Skittles26

    Nail issue

    Hello! So I just got a new budgie yesterday and I have just noticed that the budgie has two toes (one on each claw) which the nail is growing upwards rather than downwards? I’m not entirely sure whether clipping the nail down would help? I have put a cuttle fish in the cage to see if it helps...
  4. Mo Amjad

    Body marks?

    Hey guys I'm a little concerned on why my Ringneck has these black lines on his stomach is this normal?. He's out most of the time throughout the day and I usually have him busy as some of you may find him familiar. Can this be a sign of feather plucking I don't think so because he's usually...
  5. M

    Is Hemp seed good for birds???

    Hello, recently I heard that hemp seed is bad for bird because its a cannabis species plant and contain trace amount of cannabis. But I use it for my Cockatiels, Lovebirds and Conures. Anyone have bad effect on bird using hemp seed???? :tieln:-MEKU :budgie:-KIKI :tiel2:-VECTOR
  6. btshopekookie

    Urgent Help me please

    I have had my bird since three days ago from now, and he isn’t chirping, singing or even interacting with me and he has been very aggressive and biting, and I have checked his feeder and water source and it looks like he did not drink or eat food more info ⤵️ Jungkook is a 5-6 months old...
  7. lil_burdy

    Is my conure okay??

    So my dad has had a jenday conure namer Zeus for about 3 years now, and he’s always seemed pretty healthy. Well, as of recently I’ve noticed he’s been standing with his foot holding onto the side of his head and kind of scratching at his face. I feel like he’s in some kind of pain but I haven’t...
  8. georgieporgie

    Grapefruit Seed Extract As An Anti-Bacterial?

    hi there, was just wondering if grapefruit seed extract is safe for birds and how exactly i would administer it? would i put it in my birds water? if so, how much? thank you
  9. C

    Parakeet health question

    hello, This looks like a great place. I am worried about my parakeet named Candy. He is a very sweet guy but lately he has been opening his beak up as if in pain and he is taking a lot of naps. I am not sure if the pain comes from the right side of his neck and or also his right foot. Sometimes...