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health help

  1. Shack

    My tiel is sleeping and eating allot, is she ill?

    Her age is between 3 and 5 months, and she seems to always be either eating or sleeping. It looks to me like she's eating a fair bit over the recommended daily food amount for tiels, and whenever she's not eating she's asleep or foraging for more food. To me she looks like she might be a bit...
  2. B


    Hi! My name is Bean. My baby Didgeridoo just had an amputation and is in a cone. Prior, whenever me or my fiancee is home he is out of his cage free to fly. He isn't taking well to being in a cone, a smaller cage, and unable to fly around. He is now plucking/pulling at the bars which he's never...
  3. BirdLady13

    Molting, or..?

    Can anyone confirm this “just-weaned” Parrotlet is “just molting”, or is her lack of face feathers something more?
  4. G


    So I just notice this white thing on my 10 month old cockatiels beak. It’s appeared within the last couple of hours out of no where. Please help me by telling me if you have any ideas on what this is because I’m really worried. Thank you
  5. M

    Help! my cockatiel is having muted chirps

    Im a fairly new bird owner and I have a cockatiel about 6mth old. Recently (1wk ago), I went out and came back in the evening, there were a few specks of blood at the bottom of her cage, it had come from her wing. It was clotted so I thought it was alright (vets near my area are really...
  6. E

    Baby Lovebird suddenly limping. No avian vet in town or anywhere near.

    Hello! This morning I let my 2 month old lovebird out of the cage to fly around - once she went back on her cage I noticed how she was standing on one leg and the other holding in in the air as you see in the picture attached. She had previously did this before but it only lasted about a minute...
  7. L

    Help! - Rainbow lorikeet food

    Hi, I have a male rainbow lorikeet I just recently started taking care of, I was feeding him apples and other fruits and didn’t know he needed nectar and pollen till recently, today I received his orlux Lori feed which contains both nectar and pollen, I wanted to ask as well as this feed along...
  8. E

    Black poop and bird not being able to walk. (sad update #4)

    Hello, I’m so worried. I woke up this morning to my peach face lovebird not being able to stand up straight, walk or keep his eyes open. I’m wondering is anyone else has had anything like this happen to their birds?? I’ve also noticed that his poop is extremely dark (black).
  9. J

    Lovebird picking feathers out - has been exposed to grass before

    This feather-picking behaviour began after quarantine so I haven't been able to get the vet as easily. A couple months ago, someone else in my family put our lovebird on the grass and outside in it's cage on multiple occasions. For a couple months now, the bird has been picking it's feathers to...
  10. HenryFinch

    Urgent Lump on blue gouldian finch head

    Hello everyone, this is my first post. My name is Sebastián Barco, I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina, I'm 23 years old and I'm about to graduate as a computer engineer, but I've always been passionate about birds. I've lived with pet birds since i was born: 4 budgerigars, 5 canaries, 1 red...
  11. P

    Urgent Black toe, please help! I'm losing my mind??

    About a week ago I got a beautiful male parrotlet feom a breeder. I thought i had found a good breeder "Flybabies Aviary", however I am afraid I might have made a made the wrong choice. The poor guy is sweet but not at all ajdusted to my presence, he will accept millet from my hands but is not...
  12. M

    Do I need to provide water for 24 hours??

    Hi, In this summer time do I need to provide water in my parrot's cages for 24 hours?? or just provide it in morning and take it away in night?? Please let me know, Thanks
  13. R

    Urgent Cockatiel - Very mild swelling between Nostril and Eye, towards the Eye side

    Hello, I need help here, I wish to prevent anything from developing from this new very small swelling near the eye. Maybe swelling is a word too strong. It's very subtle. She's a cockatiel of almost 2.7 years of age by now. I fear it's an infection and I wanna know how I can prevent it from...
  14. BirdBonkers5

    Urgent What’s wrong with my canary?

    My canary Spice has been making a weird clicking sound lately. He started doing it last night, and it’s not consistent, but he does it every now and then. He also has been talking queitly, as though he’s struggling to make a sound. He’s never really been a vocal bird at all, but it’s noticeably...
  15. W

    Crimson Bellied Conure smells like spoiled fruit

    Hi all, I'm new to avian avenue and was wondering if anyone coupd help me out. I have 2 male crimson bellied conures, Archie has just turned 1 and Milo is about 10 months old and they constantly smell like spoiled fruit. It's quite strong and noticeable. Their faeces don't actually smell, it's...
  16. scremme

    Pictures Scary Bump (>_<)

    Hello guys, I’m hoping for some more opinions on something! A few months ago, I adopted a sweet baby boy and named him Cricket. He is currently about 4 months old and is going through his first molt. He has many pin feathers on and around his head right now, so the other night, I was...
  17. Z

    Lovebird poop

    hi guys, my lovebird’s poop has been odd lately and I want to know if I have to worry? He had metal poisoning 2 months ago. But has since been healthy and fine. This is his poop the past two days
  18. pepsix

    cockatiel biting/playing with tongue?

    hi all, my cockatiel pepsi has been constantly playing/biting her tongue since around noon-ish and i have been trying to research about it but all that's coming up is swollen tongues and bleeding tongues? her tongue doesnt seem to be bleeding but she is constantly biting it and i am concerned...
  19. L

    Chick health !

    The second egg of my tiels clutch just hatched yesterday . I also had to take one of chicks out because it had died yesterday . I went to the nesting box to check on the chicks and realized one of the two chicks was on the side of the box against the wall . I also found the dead one against the...
  20. L

    4 day old baby Tiel found dead.

    My cockatiel pair ( Piper and Lupin) just had their second clutch of eggs ever. There first clutch was a success and all 4 babies made it . The mom( piper ) laid four eggs and one of them hatched 4 days ago. This morning I checked the nesting box for any new hatchlings but found something I did...