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  1. Mango&Five

    hand reading formula?

    I know i’ve been asking a lot of questions, but i’m trying to be as safe as possible. Is this a safe and good hand rearing formula for a baby lovebird ? I live in Australia so i might not have the same options as people who live in different parts in the world.
  2. AmberC


    Hi I am hand rearing a baby rainbow lorikeet called Laura who fell out of her nest. (DNA testing proves she's female) We found her when she was 3-4 weeks old now she's 7-8 weeks old. she's recently started flying for the first time!
  3. shayla

    Hey guys, I'm new here!

    Hello! I'm Shayla and i have owned many animals growing up from dogs to amphibians, due to my mum and family owning a pet shop! Currently we still own quite a few animals (check the information on my profile to see what we have) but the ones that i personally own are the cockatiels, goldfish...
  4. M

    How late can I start handrearing?

    Hi I have been in the market for an eclectus chick for a while now and I have recently been offered a 6 week old chick that is currently being raised by its parents. Is it too old to successfully start handrearing it now? Thank you for the help
  5. Saya

    Does hand-reared/ hand fed mean tame?

    All the birds I've had have been untame from the start, but not that I'm looking for another bird I've been seeing the words hand-reared and hand fed everywhere. I know this means they're used to humans but does this mean they're tame? Am I still going to have to tame them once I have them? I...
  6. Nightingale

    Co-parenting with lovebirds

    This is my first time handrearing baby lovebirds, it is also my lovebird pair's first surviving clutch (the ones before were all DIS). I discovered that the father lovebird was plucking the babies' down feathers and so I removed them from the nest for handrearing and protection from the father...