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green cheek conure advice

  1. YogiBird

    Food education

    I'm not sure if anyone else feels the same as me, but I use the BirdTricks Seasonal Feeding System for my GCC breakfast... and then for dinnertime is when I have a problem. I know the birds should always get fruit and veg (which he does everyday!) and his pellets (TOPS)... but for dinner I am...
  2. rainbirdds

    What to do About Hormonal GCC?

    Hi, I've had my green cheek conure Kyrie for a little over a year, not sure of his exact age but I think he hatched in May 2022. Lately he's been very hormonal and sees me as his mate, I'm not sure what to do or what's enabling this behavior. He tried to regurgitate on me yesterday, has been...
  3. S

    My 7 week old conure won't stop screaming.

    My Pineapple conure is 7 weeks old. Currently I'm handfeeding him the formula once every evening. During the day I feed him vegetables and fruits. But he will eat less of the vegetables and would be more interested in eating seeds. The problem is he won't stop making this "Screech Screech"...
  4. mango&dex

    My green cheek conure’s wings are black..

    I’ve noticed my green cheek conure Dexter getting black lines at the ends of his feathers on his wings. At first I thought he was just molting but after doing more research I saw that it could be because of over preening. He does like to take baths and whenever there is a body of water near him...
  5. N

    She's really angry and I want to help her

    Hi! I have a green cheek conure baby that's 4 months and a half old more or less, I have her since she's been 20 days old so I basically raised her. I have other types of birds in my house and we are aware of everything and how to give them the best life ever. She's very cheerful and...
  6. D

    Chompy Conure

    Hello! I recently got a conure October 2nd of this year. She’s a 7 month old Turquoise Green cheek conure. She’s a cutie but to say she’s nippy is an understatement. I honestly at first thought she might’ve been chomping out of stress which couldve very well been since she was new to everything...
  7. devin711

    New Baby Conure Advice

    I adopted a green cheek conure 2 days ago, he’s 11 weeks old and hand raised/tamed. So far he’s comfortable with hands but definitely a little nervous in his new environment and cage. He already knows step up but tends to not listen well when inside his cage (I’ve been avoiding taking him out a...
  8. maekis

    Multiple Conure help

    I have a GCC at home and I've been thinking about getting another GCC as a companion. Today I went into my local pet shop and saw 2 GCCs which appeared to be bonded because they were in "separate" cages but sitting next to each other. I say "separate" because there's only a glass divider...
  9. Anniebeth3

    Help!! My GCC ate a small amount of cocoa!!

    So this morning I made myself a breakfast smoothie with around a tablespoon of cocoa powder in it. It also had other things like oats banana mango spinach and almond milk. I gave my GCC a small taste then remembered choc is bad and I’m freaking out! Will she be ok?? It was quite a large...
  10. J

    long molt????

    so i'm not sure if this is where to post this, but I have some concerns about my gcc. i've had her for about five months, and as far as I know she's been molting for about four of those months. maybe i'm wrong about something and I don't actually fully know what molting is as she's my first...
  11. Birdman696

    Where should I purchase a GCC from?

    So, after months of research I’ve decided to get a green cheek conure. I know I’m capable of caring. For one as I usually have nothing to do during the day, so I can easily devote 4-6 hours to the bird daily, my biggest dilemma is where to purchase the bird. I have contacted a breeder who sells...
  12. Cosmic

    Proper food/diet for Green Cheek Conures?

    What is the proper diet for a Green Cheek Conure? From my research, I have found that most people say that nutritional pellets are the way to go (Zupreem, Harrisons, etc.) due to supposedly having all of the vitamins, nutrients, minerals, etc. a bird needs. My grandmother has been raising and...