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  1. M


    Hi everyone, looking for wisdom on possible gout in my little Winston. Went to the vet yesterday due to some odd lumps on his toes, discomfort on perch. Dr. Prescribing antibiotic for inflammation and also pain meds for two weeks. Does not think it is bumblefoot, possibly gout. This is a budgie...
  2. redrose27

    HELP BUDGIE INJURED (sad update #7)

    2 days ago kony 12 years old flew into a window and had a bad fall i didnt think much of it because she was fine afterward but today she was flying lop sided, and seemed to be limping, now a few hours later her condition us worse shes wheezing, peeing not pooping, and can barely stay on the...
  3. redrose27

    Urgent Budgie throwing up

    Today (around 10pm) I gave kony (budgie) her medicine for gout which has caused her to throw up before but this time it was violent. She constantly kept going at it throwing up seed and a very very light pink substance which I think is the medicine but it came out almost white and a bit foamy...
  4. redrose27

    Hagen's Budgie seed mix Good quality or Bad

    Hey there, I have been searching for a better seed for kony (budgie). Right now she has gout and I am trying to get her to eat Lafeber senior nutriberries but so far all my attempts have failed. So now im looking into sprouting seeds to give her a diet of veggies, berries (to help with uric acid...
  5. redrose27

    Which Course of Action Should I choose

    Hi there, at this point I have probably annoyed everyone in this forum with the number of times I have posted about konys gout problem (kony is a budgie 12 years old). But I have come to a cross roads and I need help. (I will be mentioning medicines in this post, I explained their effectiveness...
  6. redrose27

    Apple Cider Vinnegar dosage amount?

    Hi my sister (budgie) is 12 years old and has gout. I read a lot about apple cider vinnegar and it seems like it can really help. But Im not sure how much to dilute it with water and if it wont affect her stomache. Does anyone have experience giving their birds ACV and if so how did you dilute...
  7. redrose27

    Cranberry Juice To Help Keep Gout Medication Down?

    Hi there, my sister (budgie) kony has articular gout and the vet has given us multiple medicines to help but the results are as follows: Brown Powder (herbal complex): given for a month but foot continued to form white spots (uric adic crystals) and continued to swell up more. However this...
  8. redrose27

    Help With Gout Medications

    Hi there, so my sister (bird) Kony recently was diagnosed with gout (articular) back in februrary, and she was given a gout medication (Herbal Complex) for it. Now fast forward to today March 19th 2021, and her foot has gotten more swollen and I have noticed more white spots aka uric acid...
  9. redrose27

    H E L P Im this close to lossing it I need better seed PLEASE

    My sister (bird) kony shes a parakeet/budgie she has gout, arthritus in one knee due to gout, a fatty tumor which has gone down but im not sure if its totally gone yet and shes 12 years old. I have been trying to get her into vegies like the vet said so far she eats carrots. I tried spinash and...
  10. V

    Need advice and help with my now disabled bird

    Previous Thread: Tips on safe proofing a cage for a vet visit. | Avian Avenue Parrot Forum So this was my birds situation from my last thread. Since then the situation has changed. Last Sunday it was time to give him his morning medicine. My mom grabbed him with a small hand towel and my...