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  1. Kris

    Who’s good at ‘tiel mutations?

    Hi, I am very curious about what mutation Pikachu might be. I first met him 20 years ago, as he was my friend’s bird. When he was young, I’m fairly sure he had bluish grey eyes. This year, my friend passed away, and we took him in. He’s about 22 now. He has a small amount of grey feathers in...
  2. A

    Green cheek pairing mutations

    Hi everyone, Please forgive me if these specific pairings have already been discussed, because I could not find them. Calculating genetics this complicated is something I struggle with so I’d appreciate your help. I have a male yellow-sided turquoise who I am considering attempting to pair and...
  3. M

    GCC splits without history

    I have 3 GCC conures, my 2 hens are yellow sided and pineapple visually, my male is professed to be a "dilute pineapple" is there a test, something observable to determine what they are split for if there are splits? My yellow sided female appears to have turquoise that peaks through around her...
  4. AussieBird

    Chicken colour genetic question?

    Anyone have knowledge in this area and able to answer a question or two?
  5. Princess_P

    Black capped pairing

    I have a female black capped & a male opaline black capped. I can’t find anything on the genetics of these to find out what will be the outcome if bred.
  6. Princess_P

    Cinnamint w/ Opamint

    What would a Cinnamint and Opamint paired together have? Not sure yet which one is male or female. So all possible outcomes would be appreciated.
  7. malibu


    I was wondering what mutation do you think my lovie is? I was pretty sure she was a creamino but she now has a bit of a light peach colour between her eyes but not enough that she is an australian cinnamon. Im not sure what the parents were since when I picked her up her and her siblings were in...
  8. Jenn.Benson

    Need help with this mutation

    I need help with this mutation, as she has me stumped. She appears to be edge dilute possibly, but am thrown on the color/mutation otherwise. I had originally thought pallid as well, but her eyes are black, and I thought pallid and cinnamon could only have red eyes? I will include a picture of...
  9. Radford Roost

    Is This GCC SF Misty???

    Hello! I recently got a new green cheek conure (up to four now!). I was told he is a turquoise SF Misty. I can definitely see the turquoise, but can't find enough info about the misty mutation online to verify it. In fact, I am doubting it. Does this GCC look like it is Single Factor Misty? I am...
  10. S

    American white parrotlet

    Is it possible to obtain a blue pied parrotlet by coupling a green and an american white or a blue and an american white? Im not very familiar with genetics and stuff, but I'm super interested in learning!!
  11. Brazil&Zealand

    Questions on Combining Traits

    Hello! I know that in Green Cheek conures, the Yellow-sided mutation and the cinnamon mutation are both sex-linked. When they combine, a pineapple is produced. How does a female green cheek show multiple mutations together when she only has one 'Z' available? And how can a normal-looking bird be...
  12. Marina Engan

    Pictures Crazy Bird Lady needs expert help!

    I sat and studied my little Anastacia ... There is something that doesn't add up. :oops: I thought she is WFL, but when I photographed her now, her eyes deep red and she has little color on flight feathers and tail feathers + pattern on the tail feathers. She has a greenish stain on one wing. I...
  13. Marina Engan

    I need some advice... please :-)

    Hi everybody! I have a question considering mutations. I have a few WFL males and I am going to buy some girls for them. What mutation should I buy when I want to get White Faced Pearl Pied or White Faced Pied? I am starting to learn genetics, but this one I can't figure out. My WFL are solid...