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  1. S

    Help me identify age and gender

    Hi guys! Could someone who knows help me identify the age and gender of the birb? Thank you in advance!
  2. L

    Girl or boy? Help please!

    Hello! I have recently became an owner of this birby! And I was told that the previous owner or owners said it was a boy. I don’t know if they confirmed that through a blood test or not. But, given the orange ‘cheeks’ not being very vibrant it could be a girl. Plus the under side of the...
  3. B

    Pictures Need Help, Male or female?

    Hi. Any idea what the gender of this beautiful bird is? The bird has only chirping sound, generally in the mornings and trying to build the nest.
  4. T

    Pictures Gender and Age?

    Hey everyone! I got 2 new little babies a couple of weeks ago. We called them Bing (yellow head) and Bong (blue tummy) after the TV show Tiny planets. I love them soooo much! The lady I got them from told me they were both around 9 weeks old, however I feel Bing is a lot older than Bong? I also...
  5. Zblurt

    Gender identification: Lovebirds

    I was wondering if there was any ways I could identify my lovebirds gender simply with behavior? If not, could anyone send me a link to a DNA testing I can buy online? Rico, my supposed male lovebird, loves tearing apart paper and stuff it in his feathers (like if he was preparing for a nest)...
  6. B

    Albino Budgie Gender?

    Hi, I have an albino budgie I think is about 8 months old. We think it's a girl because of her cere color but being albino it's somewhat hard to tell. "She" is very timid (from our experience females can be very timid) but also talks a LOT, like a male budgie, and that's what confuses us. Any...
  7. Dr. Acula

    Pictures Male or Female for a Baby?

    This is a baby cinnamon pied pearl I am adopting soon. Since this will be my first cockatiel (I've only ever been a budgie fiend), I am wondering if any seasoned owners here would be able to see any sign of whether they are potentially male or female. I know I will be able to tell after the...
  8. A

    What sex is my budgie? :)

    Hii guys, so I've had my budgie Peep for just under a year now, he's had his first moult. We're looking to get a second budgie to keep him company whilst we're at work, but I'm still unsure on his sex! Could anybody help me? I've got a couple of pictures. But sometimes his cere is much more...
  9. E

    Pictures Guessing age/gender of cockatiel?

    I just got my “baby/young” cockatiel! I totally forgot to ask about how old he/she actually is! Any guesses? Also I know you can’t really predict gender before first molt but what do you think? The lady where I got him/her felt around it’s vent and said it’s likely male!
  10. N

    Males or male and female?

    Hi, we got these 2 canaries last year in May (2020) and we were told that they are 3-4 months and that they are a male and a female. So we named them Mira (female) - the brown one and a bit smaller and Seb (male) - the yellow one. They are a bit older than a year now and we still cannot tell if...
  11. B

    Help of sex

    Hi. I have a love bird, it came into my home and we had to catch it so my four cats wouldn't eat him/her. No one claimed him/her so we have decided to keep him/her. However I don't know what sex it is, I have read to press a point between its legs to determine however he/she isn't the...
  12. LoveToki

    Waiting for DNA results..is it a boy or girl?!

    Any guesses?? ..I was thinking about doing a gender reveal cake...mostly because Id like a reason to eat some cake.. :lol:
  13. Mollylc


    Hi just wondering if anyone could help me on knowing the gender of my two budgies please. The last picture of my green budgie Rio was taken a month before the others and as you can see the colour of his cere has changed. Sorry about all the pictures.
  14. P

    Pictures Cockatiel gender

    Hi, my first post was 2-3 months ago asking how can i tame my cockatiel.. Now he's obsessed with me, his cage is open 24/7 and he flies to my shoulder often :D Thank you for that :) Now I'm asking about his gender :/ the bird is at least 5 months old and he/she started molting. what do you...
  15. scremme

    He or She?? (~_~;)

    Guys I have been stumped. Long story made long: I got my first cockatiel from a bird shop. They said he had been blood tested and that he was a boy. Yayy, so cute! We took him home and named him Jester. A little while later we decided to get him a friend. Having a good experience with the first...
  16. merlin&co

    what is the gender of my budgie?!

    I've been on this case since I got him. I wasn't exactly certain of my budgies, gender until quite recently when his cere started to become slightly crusty and light brownish/tan around the corners. Yes, I also realise that females begin to get this crusty/brown cere when they have matured! But...
  17. pepsix

    Male or female cockatiel based on feathers?? HELP!!

    Hello Two weeks ago I bought a around 10 month old cockatiel from a local aviary where 6 years ago I bought budgies from. I requested a male cockatiel and I saw Pepsi and I couldn't take my eyes off him! I asked if he was indeed a male as he seemed to have really red cheeks and a sort of yellow...
  18. T

    Help with Genders + Bonding

    Hello Everyone , I’ve been wanting birds for a long time and recently got 2 budgies! They’re amazing! Currently they’re temporarily in a minimum size cage :( Just because it was a last minute thing . Now , I’m confused on one of their genders but I assume the one with the blue cere is a male...
  19. M

    How to identify Pineapple Conure gender???

    Hi, I bought a pair of pineapple conure. But I don't understand which one is male and female. In my city there are no avian DNA test available. So, is there any way visually find their gender?? I heard about pendulum test is this really work for birds???? Thanks
  20. Selma

    What's my cockatiels gender?

    I don't know my cockatiels gender, I know the yellow head is male but the gray with the white head is a mix? She/he has pattered feathers and is about two years old, no more feathers are falling out but they have some patterned feathers on its stomach, also she/he likes to sing ALOT like every...