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  1. Jetdrip459

    Fly birdie

    so I have a question and need help. Recently Iv started to practice with my sun conure to fly I have two perches and he will cross them each time for treats and I move the perches apart to make him stretch to reach the other and he dose it but once out of his range he will not jump or fly, but...
  2. julietta

    Flying with by Fids (and terrified)

    Hello everyone! After deciding to rescue two IRN's, I made the commitment of becoming their lifelong guardians. I am now moving from Oman (in the Middle East) back to my home country of Canada. It is not an option for me to give them to another family. I am doing everything I can to prepare...
  3. CupcakeKeator

    To Clip or Not To Clip...

    Hey everyone! So quick question here. My little bird is a year old now and his wings have finally grown back from when the breeder clipped them. 1. How many of you keep your birbs wings clipped? and if so, what are the benefits you feel to keeping them clipped? 2. How many of you leave your...
  4. Atomiklan

    Red Bull Air Race...

    Charlie and Emma are so funny sometimes when they get really active and fly around the kitchen. I've started to notice a pattern in some of their flights. They have a tendency to come out the cage and do a loop around my head. They seem to try to get as close as possible too when looping. It's...
  5. tacotaco

    Pictures Why does this keep happening?????

    So my bird has just gotten over his first molt. Stressful, hormonal and cranky. But in the end we made it thru ok. He looks great and it gave him a chance ( us a chance ) to experience what flight feathers bring to the table. Since December he has lost three of his new feathers, making him very...
  6. Fergus Mom

    Fergus and Fiona's New Cage!

    They love it. They can FLYYYYY! (In the cage, as well as out when I open it)! Both especially love the rope perch, and I think it must be pretty comfy.
  7. Stevetomobs

    ‘‘Twas Adorable and Frightful.

    I was watching Sherbert try to fly earlier, it was adorable. He can already make it up to the lowest perch by himself! Great accomplishment in my mind! A while after watching all that I decided it would be a good time to take out the nest in there, they showed barely little interest of going...
  8. R

    Tips on a late night flight?

    I am flying and bring Ro my GCC with me. She deals with situations and new environments well as long as I am around, but my flight to the location is from 6:00pm at night till 12 am. I was wondering if people had any tips for me to help her rest and travel in as much comfort that late as...
  9. S

    Baby CAG with clipped wings can fly?

    Hi everyone- We recently adopted a 14 weeks old African grey and just found out his wings have been excessively clipped by the breeder, and to the extent that he is not able to balance well. We are told that it can take almost a year for him to have new feathers. I am wondering if he ever be...
  10. Q

    Baby parrot flying

    I recently bought a baby quacker parrot. He is four months old. I have concerns regarding him flying. He wants to fly, but I'm afraid he'll get hurt. He already flew a little too high, tried to grab onto a picture frame but fell. Any advice on how help him learn?
  11. Taylor Zaugg

    Flying with parrot

    My eclectus was registered as an emotional support animal, and has tags and a flight suit stating he is an ESA. I'm flying to California two times this summer. July 12-17 and august. Anyone here ever flew with there bird? He's be with me in my seat. I have a bird traveling backpack.
  12. Saya

    Will my budgie become untamed if i let his wings grow out?

    I clipped his wings while i was taming him and currently I am letting them grow out. He is not fully tamed though, he hand feeds and sits on my hand with millet but he does not know how to step up and i cannot take him out of the cage on my hand or a perch. In the past few days his flying has...
  13. B

    Pictures Anxiety/Mental Delay?

    Hello! I'm a fairly new Parakeet owner raising a couple birds, and I'm a bit worried about one of them. I apologize if this is the wrong forum to put this in, it's both a health and behavioral problem so I'm not sure! He's a male, likely around 8 months of age, and to be quite frank he's rather...
  14. D

    Baby budgie underdeveloped?

    So I have had my budgie who I suspect is a male, for about a month, and he's around 2 months old but can't fly and has barely any wings or tail. I think he will be fine, just a late bloomer, but I want to make sure that he will be ok. Photo is attatched. Thankyou
  15. A

    Video Cool video of latest technoloy Gps transmitters for Free Flight

    Video of GPS transmitter for Free flight on falcons.