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  1. Hobgoblin

    Flock & Fish (pictures)

    Hey there bird friends, who else likes fish too?! We have our little flock, Hobgoblin a gcc and Bogart a cockatiel. We love our little bird brains but we are also a fish family. We are currently in the midst of putting together a large salt water tank system. At the moment we have 4 bonded pairs...
  2. AussieBird

    A Flock Update

    Thought i might as well do an update. The things i had planned to do keep getting postponed, and things got turned upside down when Belinda (the kitten) joined the family. I will start with the oldest and work my way down. LJ: This guy is still as adorable as ever! And i've never seen a budgie...
  3. Dextine

    They think I'm their mate!

    Hey guys, I own two male lovebirds. They are on a pellet and seed diet and I try to get them used to veggies. They have a very big cage and lots of toys they enjoy. They get 12 hours darkness. I've noticed that if I using a baby voice to talk to them is a hormonal trigger and I am now avoiding...
  4. Zara

    The Blue Team

    *mostly new pics used (second group pic is older)* Meet the Blue Team; Members; Aldora, Founder and chief noise-maker. Jaime, Co-founder and emotional support officer. Lapis Lazuli, Underling 1, eldest. Nube (pronounced Noo-beh) , Underling 2. Backstory So a year ago...
  5. C

    Adding a Second Cockatiel

    Hello everyone! My husband and I were blessed with a wonderful cockatiel, Arthur, about a month ago. This bird has completely turned our life around and has been amazing to us: tame, sweet, cuddly -- everything we could have hoped for and more. Recently we were considering getting another...
  6. Zara

    Video I´m confused: What is going on?

    I have experienced one of the weirdest moments with my birds today. I want to share it and see if you guys have any insight as to what may be causing the behavioural shift. So the basic backstory is Aldora and Sydney do NOT get on. They will both attack each other, and neither back down from a...
  7. Y

    Should I get my bird a companion?

    Hi everyone! This is my first time posting here, although I have been conducting research on this forum for several months already. I am the new parent of a red-fronted Kakariki hen, Robot, who is about to reach five months of age. This forum has proved invaluable to me as a new parent, so...
  8. Hawkward

    Growing my flock?

    New here! Thank you in advance for any information and help! This place really has been so helpful in all areas since getting my parrotlet. :bpletm: Okay, so I have a Parrotlet named Cosmo, who I adore. I know I have read many things about parrotlets being mostly loners, and territorial, but I...
  9. Leih

    Linnies and lovebirds?

    Hi everyone, sorry if this is posted somewhere but I'm not finding it. I currently one lovebird (female) and am really considering getting two linnies. I'm completely entranced by the two males at my local parrot shop, one cobalt and one turquoise. Does anyone have experience with this...
  10. kifird

    Thinking of adopting a budgie friend for my current one.

    Hey y'all I was thinking of adopting a budgie from a well trusted pet-store that I go to often. Another hand-tamed baby budgie. But I read a couple horror stories of pet owners who say that after getting a new friend for their original budgie (tamed and everything) that their budgies began to...
  11. veronica2000

    Describe your flock!

    I only have one bird right now, but am feeling the need for more! (MBS) :wideyed: Don’t worry, I’m not about to impulse buy any birds, I’m just wondering, how big is your flock? What species do you have? How do they all get along? I’d like to hear the good and bad about having a mix of...
  12. Zoepr143

    I’m really worried

    i just found out there is a mouse in the house (no pun intended) and I immediately typed ‘mice’ in the search feature. TOTAL PANIC!!! | Avian Avenue Parrot Forum came up. And now i am really worried. I already put the cages on the dinner table, it is a slippery surface so it will be less likely...
  13. Zoepr143

    Pictures Toxic plant...maybe?

    i have this plant in the same room as the flock next to their cage, they haven’t shown any interest in it but i would like to know if it is dangerous for them. Does anyone know the name of it?
  14. Zoepr143

    Pictures 3 new budgies

    I am still in a huge shock so sorry if my grammar is not on point for this one.:jawdrop1: For you to understand this i have to explain why I decided to get Kiwi (my female budgie). We went to a friends birthday and we bought a budgie for him since he said he has wanted budgies for a long time...
  15. V

    Hello there! Ascencio's Flock reporting!

    Hi there, I'm Victoria :) and I'm an Argentinian teenager. I'm so happy to finally found a forum of all types of parrots, and I hope you can help me train and care for my flock. Speaking of them, here they are: :bfa: Ignacio, or Nacho as we always call him. A lovely Blue-Front Amazon...
  16. Whoviana

    A bird for the bird

    Sunflower will be five months old when I go back to work, but my husband will be working from home until January. We are thinking about getting Sunflower another GCC companion so she won't be lonely while we are at work during the day. Is this a good idea? Will the birds bond more with each...