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  1. LemonMan

    Pictures Canary with stool stuck

    As the title suggests, I've had 2 canaries (M/F) who's been in my care for a year. Sadly one of them passed some time ago (M) and as a result of this I've been even more paranoid and cautious with my other canary (F). I've noticed that her stool has gotten stuck around her anus and some of the...
  2. V

    Do or can female cockatiels hop? And can they hang upside down on your finger?

    Do or Can female cockatiels hop? Do or can female cockatiels hop? And can they hang upside down on your finger?
  3. kitty04

    a little finch, or 4.

    hi I'm new here, I hope it's the right thread, anyhoo I have 6 finches, all together, I love their honks beeps or what you call it. 2 diff species have bonded well, a society and zebra. I have 2 other society male and female, and 2 other zebra male and female. my one female is trying to climb...
  4. A

    Female egg laying and aggression?

    Hello everyone! This is my first time posting on the forum so I am hoping I get some help on this as it has been worrying me. :unsure1: I have two lovely cockatiels that are brother and sister, I’ve had them both for about a year and a half. Just recently, maybe a few months ago, they have...
  5. M

    Female Kakarikis Behaviour

    Hello! We have a 7 month old Kakariki, Lily, and got a 2nd Kakariki, Leia, about two months ago. Leia is about four months old now. We followed all the “textbook” advise on bonding the two and it seemed to go very well…until recently. Lily only shared her caged with a very young kakariki for...
  6. T

    Stops eating pellets

    So I have a female budgie who usually loves trying new foods. I left her at a friends house (they took good care of them) for a week, and when I got her back I have monitored her for the past 2 days. It seems like my girl has suddenly stopped eating pellets, or less, she does still eat...
  7. R

    1 week home quiet female tiel

    Hi, seeking some advice - first tiel. We are 1 week in, she is so quiet. Doesn’t really have any excitement to her. She will come to hand and come out of her cage. Sometimes we get a contact call but otherwise we haven’t heard anything out of her. When she came she was cradling her leg but with...
  8. J

    HELP! I need to switch my cockatiel to another pellet.

    My cockatiel's about a year old. She just laid 3 eggs, I believe she will lay more. (She has no mate, there is no dark places for her to be stimulated) I have seen her mating with a toy, and i thought it was just her hormones (She usually does that when she has her hormones). But when it was a...
  9. Darkninja

    Budgie breathing fast but acting normal

    I have a 3 and a half old budgie now, and I noticed she's breathing faster than normal. But she acts normal and shows no signs of being ill. Is this normal?
  10. Coco123

    New mom, stressed mom.

    Hello everyone! My name is Coco. I recently adopted a yellow female canary from another owner who had her for about a year and a half but couldn't take care of her because of health issues. I named her Pheobe! She is my first bird which makes me very anxious because 1. I have never thought I...
  11. T

    Vent rubbing female linnie - How much is too much?

    Hi everyone, I've browsed these forums a few times to find answers to questions I've had but this is my first time posting, so hello, I guess! I have a little cobalt linnie named Indie, and she's the only bird out of my flock of 4 that has ever laid an egg. In fact, she laid too many clutches...
  12. Csolis22

    Lovebird Regurgitating or Vomiting

    Hello, I have a 4 year old lovie she is a female and I keep her by herself. Lately she’s been enamored with her toys and she’s been hanging on them all day and screaming at them nonstop but yesterday. She hasn’t left her food bowl and keeps eating her pellets all day and getting angry if they’re...
  13. Mili

    Pictures Is my cockatiels wing broken?

    Its been like this for a while. She is okey, she is flying and climbing its just when she sits, one of her wings drop. She seems to be less active than the male cockatiel i have. but she is also about 6 years older than him. Is this normal or should i be concerned? I did go to one Vet, she gave...
  14. TurkeyTalker

    One VS Multiple Birds?

    Hello everyone! I have one bird now, a male GCC that is 2 1/2 years old. I've been contemplating getting an additional bird and now that I'm getting closer and closer to graduating from university I'm considering it harder. I plan on going to medical school, but that would result in him getting...
  15. MangoTheBird

    How to train my year old lovie? Special case <-

    I've had my Lovie(fischer) since it was 3 months old. It's turning 2 years old this September. Gender: female I just found out recently it was female, she laid an empty egg.(I originally thought it was a guy) Name: Mango (I thought she was a guy when I first got her plus she reacts to mango when...
  16. M

    My 14 year old hen is drinking a lot of water

    I have a 14 year old female cockatiel named Henrietta who has been a chronic egg layer her whole life. I've taken her to the vet in the past and done everything possible to discourage egg laying behavior. Changed her diet to Lefeber pellets mixed with a little bit of seed and Kaytee bird greens...
  17. O

    Possible pied male?

    Hello, I was reading a post on this page saying that it is possible to sex young cockatiels who are pied due to their cheeks. I have attached a few pictures, there seem to be yellow streaks going through the cheeks, so therefore, can it be determined that this is a male? The breeder (Marc...
  18. mybluebirb

    Female or male? Age?

    This is my little birdie, when we got “him” from his previous owner they told us he was a boy, however, when we went to the vet they said he might be a she! What do you guys think? Do you think my birdie is a boy or a girl? Also what age does my birdie look? I think he might be 4 but I mostly...
  19. Katie H

    Female bullying male

    Hi all, One of my budgies is bullying the other. Originally I got a pair, Cheeky and Lou Lou about 3 years ago. They were mates and in a tiny pet shop cage together for years. A year later I got a hand reared baby male. Now the two boys loved each other, and the female only had time for...
  20. TwoGreenFids

    Help! We've got eggs!

    Oh dear!! We had thought Popsicle was too young to lay eggs, and weren't expecting any since she and our male (Habibi) have never figured out the whole mating thing. But here we are! I've found two eggs, both in separate places, and both smashed. The one seemed to have caved in on itself...