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female and male

  1. outmaww

    Super loud female?

    My baby cockatiel (and new best friend, I'm totally in love with his sweet little face) wasn't sexed at the breeder I got him from. He's a gray and had a very female look to him, but I wonder because he is LOUD. Like, crazy loud. I've been around conures that were quieter than him. The bird...
  2. kitty04

    a little finch, or 4.

    hi I'm new here, I hope it's the right thread, anyhoo I have 6 finches, all together, I love their honks beeps or what you call it. 2 diff species have bonded well, a society and zebra. I have 2 other society male and female, and 2 other zebra male and female. my one female is trying to climb...
  3. R

    Adding a male with my female cockatiel

    I have a 7month female cockatiel named Sushi. And I am looking to add a baby male for a friend. I won’t start searching for a cockatiel until Sushi is 9-10 months because I have a future trip planned. I do plan on buying a baby male from a local breeder. I just want to know how will adding a...
  4. N

    Males or male and female?

    Hi, we got these 2 canaries last year in May (2020) and we were told that they are 3-4 months and that they are a male and a female. So we named them Mira (female) - the brown one and a bit smaller and Seb (male) - the yellow one. They are a bit older than a year now and we still cannot tell if...
  5. mariyatiel

    9-month old gender?

    I have been wondering if my beautiful cockatiel named Marshal is actually a girl? I thought ‘he’ was a boy since he is very vocal in the daytime and always does the contact calls. He is very energetic in daytime and plays and rips up everything! In the evening he is VERY calm. BUT he is...
  6. Coco123

    Going through heartbreak?

    Hello everyone, Context: I own 2 canaries. One female and one male. The female (Pheobe) stays with me in my room, where I spend most of my time. The male (Zozo) stays in the living room where my mom spends most of her time. Issue: Pheobe and Zozo have been in contact multiple times in the...
  7. Swirlysnow

    Cockatiel laying eggs too much!

    Hi! My female cockatiel, Kiwi, has laid 4 clutches of eggs this year, and is laying one more now! We've been trying to discourage her, but she keeps laying. We do have a male cockatiel, but we try to keep them separate, and the eggs are infertile (they were candled) Could someone help, with...