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feather chewing

  1. P

    Repairing damage from chewed feathers

    Hello! I have a cockatiel who has had long term issues picking pin feathers and chewing body feathers (contour, plume, and downy, none of the harder or larger feathers). After a long time the issue is finally being resolved, but what I’m wondering is how I can help her untangle the mats and...
  2. katm89

    Hormonal feather destruction

    Hi all! My bird is at it again with barbering/chewing her feathers. I found out this past spring she was a girl when two eggs appeared in her cage initially I thought her barbering/over preening was due to low humidity in the house over fall and winter, but now it seems the barbering begins...
  3. H

    BH Pionus bites body feathers off during winter

    She bites the tops off of her feathers, showing the fluff underneath. I have been able to postpone this activity by extra humidity near her cage and play area. Worse during mating season. Any one else have this problem? Suggestions?
  4. katm89

    Feather Up Supplement

    Hi all! I was wondering if any of you have tried this supplement for feather regrowth and molting support. I have used it for a couple years and have had good success supporting my conure through his molt. My avian vet recently recommended stopping it and only giving vetomega oil, but my birds...
  5. katm89

    Seasonal plucker, bad molt or low humidity?

    Hi everyone, I have a hybrid Jenday/Nanday conure who for the last 3-4 years has been going through what I assumed was a bad molt. Starts around September/October and goes sometimes through April. Then his new feathers come in and he’s a happy bird through summer. We moved from Louisiana to...
  6. B

    Green wing macaw hormone implant

    Good morning and happy new year all! I’m new here and have a green wing macaw that I’m told is 2 yrs old however she is showing extreme hormonal signs. She is not egg laying but she has been very “bitey”, trying to climb to the floor and regurgitates on EVERYTHING! Examples would be toys...
  7. Man9oMango

    Pictures My bird is molting but sometimes the feathers doesnt have the empty canal

    hi, i have a 1 year old sun conure who is molting at the moment.. but what concerns me is that some of her feathers that are already falling doesnt have the empty canal, as if she was breaking it.. theres no vet here in my town so i dont know what to do.. i have a picture where the left one is...
  8. scremme

    Cricket’s Strange Behavior

    So a few weeks ago we noticed our cockatiel Cricket acting kind of strange. One night he was eating and tried regurgitating. Nothing came up. He then began to exhibit some very strange behavior. He would begin feverishly “preening” his chest, close to his crop area. But he wasn’t actually...
  9. reecespuff

    Biting Feathers

    Hi! I’m new, but I have been really worried. My sun conure Peach has been biting his flight feathers. We just moved, so it might be the fact he’s in a new environment? I don’t know, I’m just beyond worried. He is my little baby. He is currently on the Zupreem Fruit Blend pellets, and he gets...
  10. M

    African Grey Excessive Feather Plucking ???

    Hello everyone, I'm really worried about my african grey Toto. About a month or so ago I noticed that there were feathers on the ground I assumed it was molting because I havent seen him plucking his feathers out. Later on I see him preening but then I think he starts plucking (I'm not sure its...
  11. Mooka

    Why does he do this?? (Help??)

    Hi everyone! This is my first forum post (not sure if this is the right place to post it), and I've finally decided to post because I'm so upset! I have two beautiful green cheek conures, a normal (Kiwi) and a cinnamon (Chai), but one isn't so beautiful anymore.... Around November last year I...
  12. PrettyBirdy

    Spontaneous Plucking?

    HI everybody, I have a year and 1/2 year old goffin, who, as of the last few weeks, has start plucking and chewing her feathers. It started as over preening a part of her wing, and now she's plucking the area over and around her crop. I'll be making an appointment at the vet for her in a few...
  13. shayla

    My cockatiel is sick/injured?

    Hi, its been a while. So this post is about my female cockatiel, Chicken, because i have noticed some concerning things about her health just recently. First of all, i think there's a hole in her head. No, its not her ears, it's under her crest feathers on top of her scalp. It kinda looks more...
  14. singermanlynne

    Feather Plucking HELP!!

    My precious Illiger is plucking. It started right after the flooding from Harvey in Texas. I have had him evaluated by a specialist avian medicine and we have tested for everything she can think of. I finally had a collar that I special ordered placed on him and his feathers begin to grow back...
  15. Fowler

    Caique adopter

    hi everyone I’ve been using this sight for quite some time for information, insight, tips and solutions to questions. So thank you avian Avenue for existing. So I figured why not join. My last name really is Fowler my new avian vet thinks it’s funny.. I do to now that I’m a bird mom. Anyways...
  16. PrettyBirdy

    Breaking Tail Feathers?

    Recently, I adopted a little Goffins too, it was a big deal and she has been just a joy. Frankie is a very, very hard player, she runs around flapping, hopping up and down. Constantly rolling on her back. She has also been breaking a lot of tail feathers, her tail is getting thinner, and after...
  17. Nimily

    My bird has gone insane.

    We have had our Congo African Grey Henry for a few years now. He is 15 years old. Last year around this time, he started chewing his feathers for the first time. Just around his crop, and it didn't get bad until January when we thought he was dying and rushed him to the vet because he had...