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  1. LiefDuivel

    Weird behavior or normal for this time of year?

    Hey yall! long time no chirp, but i've had a busy year! It's a pretty dry time of year, and my 7 yo budgie Genji, always sneezes a little more often this time of year. But this year i'm noticing it's more often than normal, along with a few other things. He's sneezing 5 or so times a day and...
  2. shelby.pax

    How dusty are Blueheaded Pionus Parrots?

    This went completely under my radar during research but I just heard that some people have dusty pionus parrots? I didn't even realize any South American parrots could be dusty as I was informed dust was only an old world parrot issue. I was wondering how dusty can the blue-headed pionus be? I...
  3. shelby.pax

    How Dusty are Starlings and Doves?

    Hi, I'm interested in getting a softbill bird in the near future and starlings and doves seem like the top candidates. They seem very personable and sweet. I have been reading on dustiness and I was wondering if anybody knows how dusty starlings and/or doves are? I've had a green cheek conure...
  4. S

    Cockatiel Allergies?

    So I took my cockatiel to a certified avian vet. And he told me that my cockatiel has low-grade, mild allergies to his own dust/dander. He has these little episodes of sniffles. Besides an air purifier and humidifier, he prescribed Hydroxyzine to be placed in his water. Has anyone heard of...
  5. Wordbird23

    Sudden Allergies?

    I have a Green Cheek Conure, this summer will be my fourth year will him and I have had him since he was two months old. I’ve noticed suddenly in Oct 2020 that I break out in hives on my arms and hands at random, and the last week have developed itchy dry eyes. I don’t know if it is possible to...
  6. asdf6121

    Question about potential cockatiel allergies!

    Hello everyone! I am currently looking to get a baby cockatiel this coming winter. However, I am worried about the dust, because I hear that allergies can cause severe damage to the lungs. I have two budgies which I don't think I am allergic to, but I also have an air purifier and keep the area...
  7. hrafn

    Kamara has decided that showers are evil

    Because she's one of the dustiest species on earth, I try to give Kamara a good misting at least daily to help keep her dander in check. Until recently she's tolerated her gentle showers, but as of a couple days ago, she has decided that the spray bottle is Satan incarnate. She has also...
  8. Parakeet88

    Parakeet dust bath?

    I was wondering if an occasional dust bath would be good for my keets. I had just given them a bowl of fresh pellets and the female started flailing around in them. I'm not sure why she does this sometimes but it got me thinking maybe she'd like a dust bath. I know in the wild they use dust when...
  9. birdashes

    Cockatoo showers... How often?

    Basically the title :D I'm sorta unsure how often I should be giving Val showers? I've been giving him and my tiels a spritz shower about every week ( sometimes a day or two before a week... Sometimes after) . I can usually tell when he needs a bath... His feather look 'off' ... From the 'too...
  10. frogfoot

    Preening dust

    Hi!! This is a parrot question in general. Ruby is my first "big" bird and I've never experienced a problem with this before with my parrotlets and budgies. Basically, she preens violently and constantly, especially when she's sitting on me (her favorite activity). It looks like she's got a...