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  1. UwU alien

    Some random questions about parrots, canaries and doves/pigeons

    :wideyed:My parents and I had 5 goldfish of 2 unknown species, 3 bettas and 2 cockatiels throughout my life. We haven't had a pet after my second cockatiel died in 2015. It's possible that in the future we will adopt 2-4 birds of the same species or just one if they're a canary. We will make...
  2. haze

    Doves and Tiels?

    A friend of mine is rehoming his ringneck dove to me next month, but I just heard that it can be dangerous to keep other birds with birds that produce dust, such as my cockatiel. Would it be a bad idea to keep the dove in the same room as my tiel? If I can't keep them in the same room he will...
  3. O

    Help Identifying what kind of Dove / Pigeon this is + Need advice

    Hello , I was wondering if anyone can help me identify what type of Pigeon or Dove Smokey is. He is a rescued Feral and I think hes about a month old. I found him in the middle of a road on my way home from collage. I was also wondering if anyone has any tips on getting a Pigeon/ Dove used to...
  4. shelby.pax

    How Dusty are Starlings and Doves?

    Hi, I'm interested in getting a softbill bird in the near future and starlings and doves seem like the top candidates. They seem very personable and sweet. I have been reading on dustiness and I was wondering if anybody knows how dusty starlings and/or doves are? I've had a green cheek conure...
  5. 8

    Student, two baby cockatiels, please help

    Hello! I am a minor at my high school, and during quarantine, online school has been more challenging than I have perceived. I have two cockatiels whom I bought recently, I used to have a cockatiel who was ten years old but who passed away also recently, around the time I got two new ones. Right...
  6. J

    Splayed Leg Dove

    Hi all! My name is Justice and i am new to forums so please bare with me. I am going tomorrow to pick up a ringneck dove who has a splayed leg. She is about 2 months old and someone in my town dumped her at a local shelter. I have cared for ringneck doves, have 3 currently, however, I have never...
  7. Corrin

    Old age in Ring-Neck Doves

    Im back with another puzzling question. This is a bit of a long one. Ive had my female for a while now (less than a year though), i got her from a breeder who said she was around 2 years old. She was previously with a different male and has experienced with raising squabs. She has already had a...
  8. C

    Companion for Dove?

    I rescued a white ring neck dove. She was the only survivor after the owner went to hospital then assisted living. Apparently the bird caretaker abandoned them. I’ve had her for 5 years, living inside in a large parrot cage. I’m just wondering about getting a companion for her. I’ve been...
  9. Eelhsa

    Video Ringneck Dove - Strange Vocalizations

    I am posting this in the hope of gaining some insight into these vocalizations my female Ringneck dove, Sable, has been making. Sable is almost 1 year old (my husband and I have had her since she was approximately 4 months old). She has been making these sounds more frequently lately, however...
  10. Eelhsa

    Pictures Hi Everyone!

    Hello to all you fellow bird people! I just thought I'd introduce myself. :) I have had many different kinds of birds over the years (chickens, ducks, geese, peafowl, quail, guineas, turkeys and Ringneck doves) currently I have one Ringneck dove, her name is Sable. She's about 6 months old and...
  11. StephFaunce

    New avian owner with tons of questions

    My name is Stephanie and I live in arizona! I have started caring for birds because the kids in the neighborhood always bring me baby birds or injured birds! Now I go bird watching and take photos! I now have a house sparrow (chirpity) that will not ever fly because of calcium deficiency when...