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  1. E

    Recent budgie death advive

    Hi everyone, new to this forum as facebook groups were getting very toxic. My partner and I are very sad as we lost our first budgie Brenda on Saturday. I was home with her and it was all very sudden. I am blaming myself and I am hoping to get some comfort and advice from here. For context...
  2. Mason and Kiwi

    Handling Kiwi's Death. Rest in Peace my baby.

    I haven't posted in a little over a week. It's 1 AM for me right now and I'm still finding myself crying in the living room. I am writing this to vent, and part of me is hoping that other people have experienced this so I know I'm not alone, while the other part wishes this would never happen to...
  3. Summzz

    My little baby girl and best friend has passed, I need advice on how to help my other baby through it.

    I honestly thought I would never be posting this/ asking about this soon. I lost my 12-year-old baby girl on the 7th and I'm super distraught. I had gotten sick at the beginning of February and sadly wasn't able to take care of my babies for three days. My mom was looking after them (she knows...
  4. FinchORI

    Cookie is at the rainbow bridge

    My dear sweet Cookie was put down today due to a large tumor. I miss her already. It’s so sad and hard. She was such a special little potato. She will be with me in my heart forever. Here’s a drawing of her that my friend did.
  5. FinchORI

    When to put down rat (sad update #4)

    Hey guys. As I already posted, my elderly heart rat (Cookie) has a tumor. It gets bigger every day and her walking has turned into a wobble. Do any of you guys have experience with telling when it’s time to put down a pet? I really wish that she would just go in her sleep peacefully but I have a...
  6. B

    Advice needed

    My Java Rice Male Finch passed some time this afternoon. My female is unsettled. I don't know what to do for her. Advice? I don't know what happened to the male. He just got sick, was puffed up, feathers, and started sleeping tons. He was still eating and drinking. Vet appointment was next...
  7. alliered

    Seeking perspective of death of a canary.

    Hello, I've very recently been hit with the grieving process of an old canary of mine. This happened when I was maybe a pre-teen, and I'm 23 now, so it would've been over a decade ago. I also generally have memory issues, so I may have difficulty remembering specifics. Please do exercise...
  8. mybirdandi

    I need some help. Please

    I am hurting. My 5 month old cockatiel has passed away. He was a runt hatchling and severely underweight as well as incredibly small for his species, but he was happy for the short while I had him. I was aware , or my heart and gut was, that something wasn’t right and he would pass soon. I just...
  9. C

    Coping with my caiques death

    WARNING SAD STORY My caique passed away last night at ~7 years old. My little sister decided to adopt a stray cat and the cat decided it wanted my bird. I am beyond devastated and it was an incident that could have been avoided if we just told her to give up the cat (but how could we do tell...
  10. B

    Urgent Budgie randomly taken turn (sad update post #4)

    Hello! My 2 (ish) year old budgie, Pierogi, has randomly taken a turn for the worse overnight. He is still eating and drinking (less than usual but still doing it) but is very lethargic and fell off his perch earlier. I can’t get to a vet for a few days, I’ve been keeping him warm in a travel...
  11. C

    Urgent Budgie mauled and killed other budgie

    Sorry for formatting or if anything sounds weird, I'm on mobile and also sobbing right now. I posted on these forums before a few months ago to ask about rehoming my birds. I ended up moving them to a different room and keeping them. Yesterday before work I woke up from a nap and heard weird...
  12. parrotman

    What are the causes of sudden death in hatchlings?

    Ok, I just woke up to the bird I was hand-feeding have yellow skin and lay dead at the bottom of the brooder on his stomach, his feet were deformed with no claws and he couldn't open them. What could he have died from? He couldn't have aspirated as his head was held up during feeding.
  13. nour.s

    Young budgies death and reassurance.

    Hello, please bear with me, I really need someone to help me sort out this budgies story and reassure me. We adopted a female budgie who looks to be 7-9 months old, the previous owners were selling her on Facebook, and I couldn’t help but get her becasue of her living conditions. They had placed...
  14. N

    Terrified of my tiel dying

    I have had him since he was 2 weeks old as I had to hand feed him, and he is now 6 months. I am so close to him, and i do not know what i will do once he is gone. I always make sure he is safe but everything ends eventually. Thinking about life without him causes so much despair, I don't know...
  15. SamanthaAV

    Coping with Loss Together

    It's been 3 weeks since Xyla passed away. We had a necropsy done but it was hard to get her body to the vet quickly because I was doing every hour feedings for the baby that hatched on the same day that she died. Unfortunately there were no conclusive results. We have been watching her mate...
  16. SamanthaAV

    A Poem of Passing

    I stumbled across this poem on Reddit and I would like to share it for those who need it. “I'll lend you, for a little while, a bird of mine," He said. "For you to love while he lives, and mourn when he is dead. It may be six or seven years, or maybe twenty-three, But will you, till I call...
  17. Kisota

    Sudden death after loss of grip strength

    Hey all, I'm sharing this unfortunate news in the hopes that some knowledge can be gained. We lost my beloved cockatiel Tilli this week in a strange and unexpected way. I'm waiting on necropsy results, which I will of course share with you all. But in the meantime I'm curious whether any...
  18. Nestum

    New cockatiel

    My birdie Socrates unfortunately passed away three months ago. Turns out he was already sick since the beginning with an almost incurable digestive disease. I truly loved him and did my best to care for him. But I’ve moved on and I’m ready to take I’m another feathered friend! I should be...
  19. C


    Hi, I've never used these bird forums for advice before since there was not much to ask. Our caique was gentle, funny, kind, ate all his veggies like a champ, and his hormones had mellowed. He wasn't a biter, but could bite, if that makes sense (he would step up and play when he was in the mood...
  20. I

    My baby died today and it’s all my fault.

    Today my baby bird died. He was only 4 months old and I’d only had him for 3 weeks. This is how it happened. I got home from work at about 1pm and was exhausted after staying up late the previous night doing some assignments and then having to get up and be at work by 6am. I wanted to have a...