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  1. AussieBird

    Can We Please Discuss Cuttlebone/Calcium

    I've seen it generally said cuttlebone cant provide a much if any calcium to birds, because it's calcium carbonate? So can birds absorb calcium carbonate, and if yes how much? Reason for this discussion is that I was talking to someone about cuttlebone, and this person went and discovered that...
  2. bird_mama

    Cuttlebone? Mineral Blocks?

    Hi! I’ve been wanting to introduce some vitamins into my CAG and GCC’s diet, Romeo (CAG) gets fresh veggies, occasional fruit, some safflower seed mix (no peanuts or sunflower) and Lefeber pellets and ZuPreem natural pellets. And my extremely picky girl Tokyo gets her safflower seed mix (no...
  3. Cloud

    Recommendation for Calcium/ Mineral Block

    Hello. I am wondering what do you guys give to your birds. Cuttlebone, or mineral blocks? I am currently giving both cuttlebone and Zoo Med Vegetable Bird Banquet Block to my cockatiels. My both cockatiels seem to like them. I see that Zoo Med Vegetable block has artificial fruit flavor, so...
  4. V

    Pictures Cuttlefish Quality: Do they get moldy?

    I keep forgetting to post this but I had ordered A&E Cuttlebone online and when I opened it the back of each cuttlebone had brownish sections and spots. As if it was moldy. Is this normal? Cuttlebone 1 Front: 20181127-183647 — imgbb.com Back: 20181127-183643 — imgbb.com Cuttlebone 2 Front...
  5. M

    Mineral block or Cuttle Fish Bone which is important for parakeet?

    Hi, I want to know cuttle fish bone or mineral block which one is important for parakeet?? or both need for them?? I also want to know elements in mineral block ex: pluster of paris, clay, lime stone etc these are need for parakeet or it work as slow poison harmful for bird?? Thanks
  6. R

    Cuttlebone Cleaning?

    My budgie, Navi, managed to poop on his cuttlebone somehow. My mom was skeptical about scraping it off, so she refused. I put a bit of hot water on the spot, but I don’t know if that’s good enough. I hope it’s not ruined :-: