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  1. H

    New Cockatoo mom problems

    New here so I'm sorry if this was asked. It's been a long time since I've been on online threads as well. Got a cockatoo a few months back... not even a year old and a lovely male triton. He's been fine all the way up till this week. This week, hes been crying, getting moody, flinging more...
  2. MaggieBee

    Baby cockatiel constantly 'crying'

    Ok, I've included this in a post on the nursery forum a few weeks back, but I thought I'd put it here as well. I got Pearl at around 4 weeks old, 3 weeks ago, and from around day three she hasn't stopped making baby noises. While I think that's normal, she does it constantly. And very loudly...
  3. SnowB

    Hand feeding 6 week Conure; ear piercing cry

    Hi, am weaning a baby sun conure. I got him at 3 weeks old and he is now going on 6 weeks. I am inexperienced with hand feeding. However, I have had constant, daily guidance from a highly experienced breeder and I have also done extensive research. I would just like some second opinions about...
  4. H

    New Indian Ringneck Baby

    Hello Everyone! I'm new here! I'm glad I found this website where all of us bird lovers can be a part of a community that loves and respects birds! I just recently got my new Indian Ringneck baby. She is a blue female, her name is Bubbles. She was hand fed and the employee informed me that...
  5. C

    Video Cockatiel Crying? Don't understand Behavior.

    Hello! New guy here. Our cockatiel, spike, is a rescue and she is the first bird i've bonded with and cared for. Almost all her behaviors in some way or another make sense to me so far, all except this one. I keep swinging between that she's literally learned to mess with me get what she wants...
  6. A

    Baby Pionus crying

    Hi i just got a white capped pionus baby male who is around 10 weeks old. He is being handfed by me twice a day and he also eats small baby pellets. I noticed that when he is in his cage he's quiet but when i hold him he keeps making a repetitive crying noise and moving his head up and down. he...
  7. T

    Newbie here with a DuCorps

    Hello. My name is Patrice, Trice for short, & I'm in the process of purchasing a DuCorps. He's 4 months old & still being hand-fed formula thru a syringe. I'm a little concerned at this point. Even right after a feeding, Malcolm incessantly whines & sways so he cannot be hungry. I visit the bird...