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conure behavior

  1. ChairmanG

    Rehomed GC conure help for aggression

    Hi we have adopted a 3 year old GC conure called Gerald. I've let him out a lot in the last 6 weeks (we've had him) and we've been playing in the kitchen. He has a massive thing for spoons and forks but I noticed he got really aggressive about the cutlery drawer. Now he's banned, but he's...
  2. P

    Little noises

    Hi everyone! I have got a two months(breeder mentioned that's his age) old baby sun (or jenday) conure a week back. He is hand fed and i was instructed to give formula morning and evening. (Not sure of the gender but I use he). When I open the cage he jumps to my lap and makes small squeaking...
  3. PhilTheBir

    Conure Behavior Change

    I've had my pearly conure (Just under 1.5 years old) for about 8 months now, when I got him his wings were clipped, Recently (A month or two ago) he molted and got his flight feathers back. Lately he has completely stopped playing with any of his toys, all he does is just scream until I let him...
  4. Nestum

    Conure behavior; My first conure

    I've bought a lovely green cheek conure yesterday! I don't know the gender yet, I should know this week, but either way I've decided to call him Romeo, so I'll be using he/him for now. He's not 2 months old yet, but he's fully weaned, although he's clearly still a baby, his tail feathers are...
  5. A

    Urgent Conjure help

    Idk if this is the right place to post this but I just noticed my GCC sleeping on the bottom of his cage, is this concerning? He's completely capable of sleeping up top he has the strength to jump around and climb his cage but he just decided to sleep at the bottom? I'm unsure of when hes...
  6. CubanBarbie91

    Dusky Conure Q's

    Finally picked up my little Dusky, named Banzai!! "He's a very sweet, and adventurous conure for sure. This is my very first conure, so I have a couple questions about behavior. Also any bird toy recommendations will be greatly appreciated 1. Why does he bob his head up and down slowly? It's...
  7. CubanBarbie91

    Agressive Baby?

    Picking up my Dusky Conure in July, he is a bit mouthy and adventurous. He also puffed up and opened his mouth, but didn't bite and then he went back to exploring. I've never had a baby parrot before only adults; so I was wondering if it's normal behavior or will he be agressive?
  8. SgtNikola

    Pictures Happy fluff?

    I got Niko last Saturday, and hes really sweet when I hold him. But, it has to be his idea to get on me. At the store, he was pretty good at step up, but at home he tends to sit fluffed up on his cage and coo at me. (Not sure if coo is the right word, but this is my first bird) However, if I try...
  9. emily rose

    Help? Extremely clingy GCC

    I’ve recently found my bestfriend! A little male GCC, who I’ve named Atlas! he’s two months old and has such an adorable little personality. He doesn’t bite often, and is fairly quiet. The only issue I’m having is he has to be with me 24/7. If I am home and not with him, he paces the...
  10. DarkenedStar2

    Conure behaviour help

    So i recently just got a 4 year old nanday conure, she was hand reared by a family member but couldnt look after them anymore. And she loves cuddles but recently ive noticed she bobs her head up and down, twitches her wings and squeaks... over and over again... is this normal?
  11. K

    Multiple chirps?

    My green cheek conure chirps ALOT. (I am just going to say he because I haven’t got the gender results back) He chirps every second. He is still a baby so could that have something to do with it? He chirps like this when he eats, is going to sleep, is in his cage, is out of his cage. It’s 3 or 4...
  12. birdlady87

    Suncheek - Cant tell if she has egg or is sick...

    Hi all!!! I need some advice! Currently, my conjure is behaving strangely. Not totally off but enough to concern me. I have a full flight house and everyday, I let them.out to hang with me while I am around. This morning I put them up for a little and then let them once I did what wasn't safe...
  13. C

    New Conure Problem

    Hello guys, I recently got a GCC. This morning I tried changing his food and water, but he won’t let me open his cage doors. He will quickly run to the side of the cage that I am near and try to but my finger so that I won’t open it. What should I do?
  14. Budgietiel

    Adding a Conure

    Hi everyone!!!! Okay, so it’s been about 3 months since I lost my Sonny bird. He was a cockatiel. I currently have a male budgie and a male lovebird. I was just wondering if I got a baby GCC to my flock if they would be able to interact with each other? We let our birds free-roam 10 AM-10 PM...
  15. Naomi1295


    Hello all! Question - I sometimes want to take my gcc, Zelda, in the shower with me just so she’s not alone (she doesn’t like when I leave the room without her). The first time I did it, she was fine. The second and third time, she was regurgitating. My sister always took her African grey in...
  16. Naomi1295

    Conure quacking

    Hello! So recently my boyfriend and I have been getting some new noises out of Zelda (our GCC), and trying to figure out what they mean. One noise in particular that she’s done since we got her a few weeks ago is the low “quacking” noise. She does it all the time. I decided to look it up to...
  17. Naomi1295

    Dreaming bird??

    Okay so Zelda kinda weirded me out tonight (and still). I put her to bed (covered her cage with a sheet) like normal and after a few minutes I heard her rustling around. She then started chirping in short bursts and then would grumble to herself. Back and forth, back and forth. Now she’s just...
  18. Naomi1295

    Nervous Conure?

    Hello everyone! Zelda is doing great! She's only nibbled too hard a handful of times in the past few days, and most of the time is was my fault for not reading her mood correctly. I now have a question about something else! Zelda absolutely LOVES all the attention she can get. If she's...
  19. Naomi1295

    New GCC Owner! Increased Biting

    Hello all! My boyfriend purchased a Green Cheek Conure (now named Zelda) for me from a local pet store on December 23rd (Saturday). She is 7 months old, and really such a sweet bird. She loves to sleep in my pocket and cuddle up anywhere that's warm and cozy. We were advised by the staff that...
  20. Parakeet88

    Thoughts on Avicalm?

    My GCC has been really cranky lately and I can't figure out why. I'm used to his little occasional nips but lately he has been actively trying to bite me and this is a bird who used to love scratches and interaction. He's only about 11 months old and I've had him about 4 months. I know they tend...