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color mutations

  1. es113137

    What Color Mutation Is My Lovebird?

    He’s only 3-4 months old, so obviously his colors will slightly change with his first molt. But, can anyone tell what color mutation he is? I’m having trouble finding it. Also ignore the clipped wings.. was unfortunately done by the breeder /: Thanks!
  2. D

    Green cheek color mutation

    Hello, my pets decided to have babies. I am very curious about their color mutation. Parents are what I think a yellowsided dilute and a pineapple (I will attach pic). Three of the babies I think they are like dad (yellosided dilutes) and one looks like a normal green cheek. Is this possible? No...
  3. L

    Male or female Budgie?

    Hi! I posted something like this awhile back while he was still a baby, but I still can’t figure out if my budgie is a male or female. I refer to him as “he” because I always have but his cere seems to change from pinkish to bluish to purplish throughout the day. He has gone through two molts...
  4. KaiKestrel

    Pictures What breed is Chirp?

    Hi! Im curious to what breed of budgie Chirp is. I know it's Australian and a male but the specific type alludes me. I was thinking grey green but his bum feathers are very colorful and his tail is banded. I've attached a picture of his bum feathers, a front view of him, a picture taken with...
  5. wavywavy

    Pictures Parrotlet Mutation Identification?

    Hello! I am new around here so I do apologize if I am in the wrong place. When I was younger, I raised all types of birds including raising and breeding parrotlets, however I only ever bred standard wild-type green and blues. Several years have passed and I am getting back into owning...
  6. SmolParrot

    Green Cheek Conure Variations

    I recently heard the term "yellow-sided green cheek conure" and was a bit confused as don't most of them have yellow on their front side? I was wondering what breeders consider to be the line between normal and yellow-sided. Is it just the presence of yellow? Must the yellow be fully covering...
  7. Lovebird27

    What pied mutation is this ?

    Hey everyone :coffeescreen:, me again. If I am correct, this looks like a pied mutation, but I could be wrong. What do you think?
  8. 2

    Cockatiel color mutation unknown

    hello, I purchased a cockatiel last week from a local pet store and was wondering if anyone can tell me if he has had his first molt yet, and what his color mutation is, I’ve attached pictures. Thanks!! p.s. I was also wondering if anyone has any tips for taming him
  9. Lovebird27

    Lovebird Genetic Calculator

    Hello. Basically, I know how to use the calculator, but I have a doubt. I don’t understand what T1 or T2 mean. I’ve read their description, but it still doesn’t make sense. Can someone help, thanks.
  10. Lovebird27

    What mutation is this?

    I dont know whether its pastel or pied. The color from the chest does not run all the way down to the legs, so it makes me think its a Cobalt Pied Sf or not pied, but I am not sure.
  11. Jesjesmarie

    Color Mutation Identification?

    Just curious if anyone knows what the name of Basil's color is? He was sold to us by the breeder as a Peach Face, but just for fun I'd like to identify the specific color mutation. Thoughts? Thanks in advance! (Note: This is just his travel cage - his new big cage is coming on Thursday!)