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color mutations

  1. SmolParrot

    Green Cheek Conure Variations

    I recently heard the term "yellow-sided green cheek conure" and was a bit confused as don't most of them have yellow on their front side? I was wondering what breeders consider to be the line between normal and yellow-sided. Is it just the presence of yellow? Must the yellow be fully covering...
  2. Lovebird27

    What pied mutation is this ?

    Hey everyone :coffeescreen:, me again. If I am correct, this looks like a pied mutation, but I could be wrong. What do you think?
  3. 2

    Cockatiel color mutation unknown

    hello, I purchased a cockatiel last week from a local pet store and was wondering if anyone can tell me if he has had his first molt yet, and what his color mutation is, I’ve attached pictures. Thanks!! p.s. I was also wondering if anyone has any tips for taming him
  4. Lovebird27

    Lovebird Genetic Calculator

    Hello. Basically, I know how to use the calculator, but I have a doubt. I don’t understand what T1 or T2 mean. I’ve read their description, but it still doesn’t make sense. Can someone help, thanks.
  5. Lovebird27

    What mutation is this?

    I dont know whether its pastel or pied. The color from the chest does not run all the way down to the legs, so it makes me think its a Cobalt Pied Sf or not pied, but I am not sure.
  6. Jesjesmarie

    Color Mutation Identification?

    Just curious if anyone knows what the name of Basil's color is? He was sold to us by the breeder as a Peach Face, but just for fun I'd like to identify the specific color mutation. Thoughts? Thanks in advance! (Note: This is just his travel cage - his new big cage is coming on Thursday!)