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  1. Photon

    Human illness

    I recently found out I have mononucleosis. While I am recovering from it, does anyone know if there is a limitation that would keep me from playing with and holding my Pineapple? He is a GC Conure. I’ve been looking online and can’t seem to find anything about it. Also, I’ve been wondering if...
  2. P

    How to Move birds safely to new home

    My move for my 5 tiels is coming very soon! I am wondering if you guys have any general tips on making the move smooth and safe? The temperature outside will be around 5 degrees C, give or take. Are there any indoor car fumes that are dangerous, or is having them in any car air safe? I will...
  3. JustADingo

    Cockatiel cold symptoms but NO aviary vet??

    hello!! my bub Matcha (pearl pied cockatiel, 2.5 years old, bit of a hefty gal) has come down with some cold symptoms she probably caught from me. (usually after a cold i deep clean my room to make sure theres minimal germs and i also want to make sure that i get back on track asap but i didnt...
  4. conureluv

    Sleep perch??

    My bird keeps sleeping intertwined with a foraging toy he demolished. It is (almost) winter here and my room can get cold some nights. I want him to be able to snuggle with a toy/perch made for that, but I heard tents can make him hormonal. (No egg laying, he’s a boy.) What should I do?
  5. Scarlet&Annie

    Drafty door, will covering the cage with blankets help?

    Hi! Unfortunately can't post a photo to better explain but the house I'm in gets very cold due to no central heating in the bedrooms so my Conure and her cage get moved to the living room where the heater is. The door is somewhat nearby and I don't have much elsewhere to put her right now...
  6. Ellen Roycette

    Lovebird night honk? Why?

    I have had three lovebirds for six months. One is struggling. The other two are bonded and so he is self harming and though I spend most of the day with them, free flying in my room, they have yet to come to me. I am gentle and do not force them. The room is safe and has a long play shelf with...
  7. mochiballs

    Urgent Lung Infection

    Hi, my baby Stitch, pearly conure, has a lung infection. His nostrils look swollen and the vet said his eyes were also. He also started sneezing. He went to the vet as soon as I noticed and he said its just at the beginning. Stitch is still eating, playing, and acting like his regular self. I'm...
  8. B

    Sleepy Bird and Droppings

    First of all SORRY FOR THE SPAM We haven't kept birds for a long while and when we did there wasn't anyone to do a whole lot of research so they unfortunately would pass before their time. So with the two birds we have now I may be a little paranoid but I want to make sure my babies are okay...
  9. parsaxyz

    Weird sleeping habit GCC

    HI AGAIN I'm sorry in advance to opening up new threads to ask questions, but I tried finding the answer but had no luck My GCC likes to cling to the side of the cage to sleep for some reason, I've had him for 7 months and he's been this way for as long as I've had him, so it's not a concern...
  10. Whoviana

    Is ice ok?

    Sunflower loves ice. She likes to lick it, eat it, play with it. She always flies over to us when we are getting ice and she tries to fall into our drinks to get to it. I gave her her own cup to see what she would do. She loved it! We are concerned that she will get too cold. Would that be a...
  11. Blue-Wing

    A Problem or Not?

    So my budgies often "poof up" when sitting still. They are not always like this. I read on the Avian Web, Beauty of Birds regarding Budgies this could indicate illness. Also read it means they could be cold. I live in a 5th Wheel with an overhead A/C but I keep the temp above 70, usually in the...