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  1. E


    I have a pair of two cockatiels, they seem to be bonded, they preen eachother and are always in range of eachother, and don’t leave others side But the male masturbates on pillows and random objects around the house and will ignore the female when she is crouching for him to mount her, but he...
  2. F

    Wits End - Health/Behavioral Concerns

    Hoping I post this in the right place. Long time reader, finally created an account to post. Warning, long. My 8yr old female tiel is tearing my house apart, while teaching my new 4mo old possibly male her behaviors. I have 20 years of parrot hobbyist experience and I've never encountered such...

    Video Is my male DNA sexed cockatiel actually a female based on new behavior he's displaying?

    Hello! So I have a 10 month old cockatiel who seems to be a pied pearl mutation and the breeder did a dna test (I paid for) when he was about 1.5 month old, since I wanted to ensure I was getting a male. On the documentation I received it says male and his band number is on it as well. It's on...
  4. cricketiel

    Adding a Second Tiel

    Hi all, I was hoping to get some advice on introducing a second cockatiel to my little flock (which as of now consists only of myself and my 3 year old cockatiel Cricket). I will be starting vet school soon, meaning that I will be away from home and thus away from Cricket for longer periods of...
  5. S

    Me and Honey

    I have had my pet cockatiel Honey for about 2 years and while she lets me pet her occasionally (I try to only pet her on her head she seems very uncomfortable being touched anywhere else which if I did my research is pretty normal for cockatiels I believe) but she tries to bite at my lips hair...
  6. J

    (HELP) Wallpapering: Non toxic pastes, the process, etc

    Hi! My mom is wallpapering my room, where my bird is, after I convinced her out of painting it. Idk anything about wallpapering other than what I’ve been researching, so I wanna be as safe as possible. I’m planning on using this paste...
  7. outmaww

    first anniversary! ...beak coloration?

    it's my baby's first anniversary with me as of yesterday! I haven't been on here as much because I realized that a lot of my questions were simple Google searches, and that I wanted to learn as I went along, not rely so heavily on others. it's been amazing! however, I do have one now. my little...
  8. lioen


    So i had some mating birds for a while now, and one egg just finally hatched!! im so excited, but the information online is a bit scattered. It says i should remove it for handfeeding 3 weeks from birth, but it doesn't specify what to put in the formula, what tools to use, etc. I'm new to this...
  9. Y

    Cockatiel feather problem? deformity?

    I've had my tiel for about 2 years, he was around 2 when I got him. Recently some of his feathers have been deformed, about 3-4 since very early march. Its not always the same feather/from the same place and some of the feathers he loses are normal. To my knowledge he has never been clipped, I'm...
  10. Lev

    How do I get my birds to adjust to a cage?

    So I've had my two cockatiels, both male, for over a year now. Jo is around 16 months and Niel has just turned a year old. Thing is, family agreed to let them roam freely around the house at first (and a big cage was way too expensive for me to afford then) so aside from bedtime, they've been...
  11. •|R o c k y|•

    cockatiel taming?

    I have had a cockatiel for a few months now, and have now had the time to tame him (previously he wasn’t mine but now he is, long story). He is comfortable coming up to me through his cage bars or on top of his cage to look at me. Sometimes he does hiss and I slowly back away to give him space...
  12. H

    Frayed Feathers Breaking off

    See pictures. Got Gretel as a fledgling last August. Her feathers were in rough shape and was told it was normal for fledglings to have roughed up feathers. Well 6+ months with a proper diet -(seed, veggie grain chop and Harrison pellets)later her feathers look a LOT better, but feathers are...
  13. Lev

    Do I stop the cockatiel trying to mate with furniture...?

    So. Year-old male cockatiel, JoJo, has been trying to 'mate' with sofa cushions. He's got a 9 month old male cockatiel friend, who hasn't shown signs of masturbation like Jo does. I cannot get him a mate, nor remove the cushions. Whenever I catch him in the action I distract the boy and tap the...
  14. Teza2plays

    Essential Oils?

    I got an essential oil diffuser for Christmas this year and was wondering if it would be safe to use around my parrots? It would be kept in separate room from my parrots and would only be on for about an hour each day. I was also wondering what essential oils would be safe and which would be...
  15. sydneytiel

    Advice needed!! Two plane flights in the same summer?

    Hi everyone (I hope I have chosen the right topic). I have been offered a summer job in the UK - which I'm really excited about - yet I would never take it if I couldn't take my birds with me. UK requisites apart, I would like to know your opinion because I am not sure what to do: is getting my...
  16. Q

    Is that a bruise?

    Hello, my cockatiel had a spot on his beak and today it is a little bit redder. Is it a bruise?
  17. B

    Cockatiel - gagging/retching (no vomiting) only in late afternoon?

    Hi there, My cockatiel seems to have a time specific symptom. Late afternoon, around 3pm onwards, when he eats he starts doing a vomiting gesture but he is not regurgitating on me, a mirror, a toy, nor is any vomit coming up. A few weeks ago he DID vomit (twice) and he stayed overnight. Other...
  18. KJsChicken

    Nail clipping help

    Hi! I'm a first time bird owner, had my rescue cockatiel for about 3 months (I was told she was around 2). We've had very little problems. Her nails aren't too bad right now, but I'd like to train/get ahead of the game when it comes to nail trimming. I don't feel like taking her to the vet for...
  19. Dandelion

    Which mutations do you think this little guy has?

    I think he's a pastel face, but he also looks quite a bit lighter than a normal grey. I thought it was kind of funny that only two of the feathers on his body are yellow, and they're both under his tale
  20. F

    Cockatiel fun

    Can anyone please tell me where to buy a good play gym for cockatiels, I don’t trust Amazon and I’m from Saudi Arabia and don’t know where to buy from and Etsy is over the top expensive , help me!!!