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  1. T

    Pictures Cockatiel trouble

    Hey everyone, I have a cockatiel who is 11 years old. Her beak only started overgrowing in December so I took her for a beak trim yesterday by a vet. He also sprayed her for mites. She hasn’t eaten properly since. She generally doesn’t like anything other than her seed mix but she occasionally...
  2. N

    cockatiel afraid of absolutely everything

    I mentioned I wanted a birdy to my brother one day and in my birthday he gave me a grey cockatiel which I named snow, but the thing is... he's scared of everything, even his own shadow, it's been almost one month and he sees me every day I sit by his cage and talk to him all that, but as soon as...
  3. Moryu

    My cockatiel doesn't stop screaming

    Hello guys I have two female cockatiels, sisters, they are about 14 months old and we got them from a shop when they were 3 months, so it's almost a year. Throughout this year we let them roam around the house most of the daytime and I tried to train them as much as I could, so they learnt to...
  4. Tenleigh

    My bird is not going back in his cage

    I had my bird for almost a year now and he never had this problem before. After when I played with my bird, he won’t go back in his cage. He starts to bite me and hiss at me when I place my hand near him. He knows when I’m going to put him back in his cage, because he doesn’t bite me otherwise...
  5. Poochibird

    Urgent Red eye

    Hello ! Elvis managed to crash land and cut his face - this is the day after so it’s not so red. He’s sometimes squinting, I assume it hurts.Is there anything I can do to help him at home? also I have a question, after he crash landed I put him in his cage and he started flying all over inside...
  6. V

    Boy or girl what’s your guess

    We have our baby he/she is 5 months and going through the first moult, not much change as far as color etc after the moult at least that I can notice . He/she is a (correct me if I am wrong) cinnamon pearl. We thought she was a girl bc she is very quiet and only really had one basic sound she...
  7. Tenleigh

    Brown in eye

    My cockatiel have brown gooey in his top of his right eye. I just notice it today and I’m a little worried if something will happen to his eye. He is closing his eye normal and it doesn’t seem to bother him. It looks like it can come out but I don’t want to touch it until I know what it can be...
  8. Troy72898

    Lil Piko

    Can anyone help me. This is Piko, she is almost 2 yrs old. She has been unhappy & screaming for almost 8 days now. I’ve tried everything to calm her. We have a male (her mate but not in same cage) but in the house which she has had a clutch w in the past. I thought it might be her trying to lay...
  9. O

    Rehoming parakeet and cockatiel

    I unfortunately need to rehome my birds for multiple reasons. Ultimately, I don't have enough time to take care of them the way they deserve. This was a very hard decision to make and I want to know that they're going to good homes. I've had my parakeet, Medusa, for about 2 years now. She has...
  10. L

    Need advice about Cockatiel Rescue!

    Hi! I'm new to the forum and wondering if I could get some insight. I've been a budgie owner for many years and this September I took in a cockatiel rescue. We are told he is about 10 years old He was poorly cared for for 7 years by an elderly woman and when she went into a care facility the son...
  11. J

    My cockatiel is wiggling

    Hi guys, recently I noticed my cockatiel wiggling her head, sort of like a wave, usually after eating. It is not like a normal head bobbing. Is this common in Cockatiels? Is there anything I should do? Thanks in advance
  12. A

    911 My bird (cockatiel) got hit by the ceiling fan

    HI, my bird named JD just a few mins ago got hit by the ceiling fan. It is night in my country so all the vets are closed. I have applied a antiseptic healing solution, WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO NOW??? Someone please help me
  13. Birb Mom

    Birds not Bonding?

    I have two budgies, one named Sky and one named Cloud. I also have a cockatiel named Max. All males. Ever since I got Max, the dynamic between sky and cloud has slowly changed. Cloud has gotten closer to Max and they are now an inseparable pair. anywhere that Max goes, Cloud follows. The only...
  14. SilverSoo

    Finally eating pellets

    My only post here was me being a new mother for a 4 weeks old cockatiel, and today at, their 8 weeks, Jaime it's finally eating his first solid food on his own :3 Though Jaime gotta still learn to not bat its wings while near the food. I have a concern, his feather on his chest are all stain...
  15. alyssanor

    will he hate me

    i am getting a 2 year old male cockatiel , he is not tame so i am getting him untamed. how can i make him comfortable with me and him love me?
  16. K

    My cockatiel hates me

    I rescued this female cockatiel about a month ago, and she’s absolutely petrified of me. She was never really handled and was pretty neglected for the first 4 years of her life so I get I’m scary. She will eat millet from my hand, but she will not step up or come anywhere near my fingers. She...
  17. G

    Urgent Sinus infection+swollen eye NO VET NEARBY

    I have a 6 months old cockatiel, her name is apricot and she is my life and my everything Not long ago I noticed that her eyes were kinda swollen and were really teary?and her nostrils were red and flared up and has so dry discharge in it I have been away bc I'm a medicine student and I was...