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Boy or girl what’s your guess


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We have our baby he/she is 5 months and going through the first moult, not much change as far as color etc after the moult at least that I can notice . He/she is a (correct me if I am wrong) cinnamon pearl. We thought she was a girl bc she is very quiet and only really had one basic sound she made at least when we are around, but I read conflicting things, her/his tail is solid yellow, no barring at all, she/he has hopped on occasion basically if she’s on our hand she has hopped to our shirt etc not really hoping in the floor. I put the bird outside in the cage recently and actually heard it making some different noises!!! Not a lot but some ! And we thought she only made one sound !
now I’m wondering if he/she is shy around us? Or are girls like this too? Will female birds hop onto your shoulder or shirt?
I will try to include picks for help.



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Your baby is beautiful! They do look to be a normal Pearl, cinnamons have a brownish coloring instead of the wild grey. My avatar is of my hen Mimi, who’s a Cinnamon Pearl pied.

The good thing about pearls is you don’t usually need a DNA test. But you do have to wait till after their first molt to identify gender, usually between 6-12 months. Males will lose their pearls steadily as well as any tail barring. Hens will retain them throughout their lifetime.

Females are known to be quieter than males, but some do talk and sing. It just depends on their personality. More uniquely male signs to watch for are whistling, heart wings and beak tapping.

Both genders are equally playful, social and handleable. These things are more so based on personality and individual experiences.

I’d recommend to keep providing a stable routine for your baby and work on building their confidence around people by speaking softly, offering treats and teaching simple “tricks” like step up and target training. With time, they’ll blossom into a more social bird.. or stay just as they are!

All birds are individuals and what a baby bird will be as an adult is somewhat a mystery.
My best advice is to stay consistent and just love them as they are. :heart: