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  1. masterg174

    PET braided cable sleeving

    Hi everyone, My pet cockatiel Dommi has gotten into the habit lately of chewing cables at my desk or even lately flying down onto the floor of my living room and chewing cables near my TV cabinet. I can solve some cables by tying them up high but some need to be on the desk such as my laptop...
  2. S

    Chewing wood: any risk a parrot can eat it?

    Hello everyone! I have a question related to wood toys. The parrot of my family (a senegal) for like 1 year did not care about his toys. Recently he started to get interested in them and while we are happy he does, we also wonder if there could be a risk he could eat wood instead of just...
  3. P

    Repairing damage from chewed feathers

    Hello! I have a cockatiel who has had long term issues picking pin feathers and chewing body feathers (contour, plume, and downy, none of the harder or larger feathers). After a long time the issue is finally being resolved, but what I’m wondering is how I can help her untangle the mats and...
  4. aurelius

    Safe bird toys similar to electrical cords??? (for chronic cord biter)

    Hey all!! My tiel Pepper is a CHRONIC electrical cord biter - every chance she gets, she destroys earbud cords, phone chargers, laptop chargers... I think she likes the rubber and the long shape. Lately she's been playing with toys less and I want to find some kind of toy that I KNOW she will...
  5. A

    Lead paint in bird room

    Hi everyone, I have 4 cockatiels and a parrotlet. We just moved into a new house that was built in the 60’s, which means that there is probably lead paint underneath all the newer paint. I wasn’t too worried until today I caught one of my tiels nibbling on a crack in the wall. They also chewed...
  6. Diveks

    Collaring or medicating my plucker?

    Hello, so my rehomed grey had started plucking. Well not exactly plucking but chewing on tail and wing feathers. I have several questions regarding collars. I consulted an avian vet and he suggested either a collar or calming medications. I will be doing this while I i am desensitizing her to...
  7. J

    my bird likes the taste of human flesh.

    I'm just kidding. Maybe. I got my second GCC, Goose, a few months ago and since the second or third day of having him he's had a terrible habit of chewing on me. It's not really biting because it's not a quick or aggressive, he just likes trying to chew my skin off. Sometimes it'll be just a...
  8. keikoasmom

    Naked Goffin Plucks Buddy Bald

    Our Goffin, Bubo, has had a feather chewing problem for years. In the last year we tried soft collars and dresses but she can destroy those too. I just read the article about giardia, and I'm going to ask my vet what he thinks. It does seem that January is molting time for most of our...
  9. I

    cinnamon sticks

    Ceylon Cinnamon QuillsTrue Cinnamon Sri Lankan Cinnamon | Etsy do these look like good cinnamon sticks for my parakeets and cockatiels to chew on? it’s ceylon cinnamon sticks so i’m sure they are but i just wanted to make sure:)
  10. lisazartsi

    Chewing Tailfeathers?

    Hi there! My four-month-old green cheek is beginning to molt some of her baby feathers due to her transition to adolescence and the change in the weather here in Ontario. She's been to the vet for a checkup and has been determined to be very healthy, but she tends to chew a bit at her...
  11. bird_mama

    Affordable bird toys??

    So I have a bit of a predicament, Romeo loves to chew toys, and I can’t stop buying them. I know every bird does, And nothing makes me more excited than going out or shopping online and finding things that he’ll love; But forking out so much in less than 2 weeks is undoable. I really need some...
  12. Jhanna

    Conure chewing on my window screen

    Hello! I’ve had my conure, Pebbles, for about 6 months now and he is the love of my life. He is fully flighted and is also free to fly around my room (or whatever room I’m currently in) and is only in his cage at night. It has been working out perfectly until now. Unfortunately I noticed that he...
  13. VelocirapGirl

    I Need Help With Biting and Eating

    My lovebird is about a year and nine months old. So far, he will let me hold him with a stick and will eat from my fingers. However, he is really interested in what my fingers have for him because he associates them with food right now so when I hold him with a stick and he's energetic he will...
  14. L

    Sun conure chewing

    My 7 month sun conure Mango won't stop eating his wooden perches! He is swallowing the pieces and the perch literally looks like it is going to snap. I removed them from the cage and now he is just sitting dejectedly on a rope perch and not doing much. How do I get him to stop chewing and is...
  15. EchoDolphin

    Training Maxi Pionus not to chew items?

    Hi guys! I'm not sure where to put this so feel free to move it as needed. I've been having more and more issues with my Maxi named Echo chomping on everything. He didn't use to do this nearly as much as he does now and I'm not sure what could be causing or affecting it. He chews anything he can...
  16. Nimily

    My bird has gone insane.

    We have had our Congo African Grey Henry for a few years now. He is 15 years old. Last year around this time, he started chewing his feathers for the first time. Just around his crop, and it didn't get bad until January when we thought he was dying and rushed him to the vet because he had...
  17. Flyover

    Does your cockatiel chew electrical cord?

    I am still weighing getting a cockatiel, but I have been reading what determined chewers they are. I would only allow free flight in my bird room, but it had loads of cords since I have hanging lights with UV bulbs and fluorescent/LED lights on top of cages. (See photos.) I think putting tubing...