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budgie feeding

  1. BananaBird

    How Do I Get My Budgie To Eat Pellets???

    Hi everyone! So I got my budgie 2 weeks ago, and have been slowly trying to get her eating pellets, but she only eats the seeds :( I want her to start eating pellets, but I don't want her to starve either. If you have any tips, please help me. Oh and she refuses to eat al the fruits and veggies...
  2. BananaBird

    Budgie Information Appreciated!

    Hello humans. I'm a budgie sitting in a tiny glass cage that's crammed full of other budgies at petland, waiting for my person to come and get me. My future human is worried. He has spent countless hours watching youtube videos, and reading articles on budgie care and feeding, but he's still...
  3. tinysouls

    Can millet spray kill a budgie?

    (first of all i'm sorry for any mistakes, english is not my first language) I'm a first time budgie owner. I have (had) two female budgies, Luna and Mia, in different cages one next to the other (they're not tamed). Yesterday (the 20th) my budgie Mia passed away and I feel incredibly sad and...
  4. Pip and Gracie

    My bird wont eat

    I got my bird from the shelter about a day and a half ago and she hasn't eaten since then. I put some millet and some yogurt bird treats to try to entice her but she hasn't really eaten it. I'm getting worried and I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on getting parakeets to eat.
  5. Pip and Gracie

    Can parakeets eat papaya?

    I have some organic dried papaya can I feed some to my parakeet?
  6. MajesticOcelol

    What seed to get for budgies? (UK)

    I'm getting a budgie, but a lot sooner than I anticipated. I'm aware a lot of brands of mass produced budgie seed are bad for them, but I'm getting it in the next week and live in a remote area and don't have time to order a organic/healthy seed mix. Does anyone live in the UK and know of a good...
  7. Leah M Pike

    Free feeding or scheduled meals for English Budgie?

    My young female English Budgie seems to eat a LOT, like all day. I feed her Zupreem Fruit Pellets and spray millet as training treats. I am shocked by how much she eats to be so small. I read once that they will sometimes eat because they are bored. She is my only bird and is alone 8 hours a day...
  8. Reggie

    New Pellet Brand! Any Experience With This One?

    So as I said, I've been trying to get my birds off of anything KayTee brand because of the things some people on here said about their business practices. I wasn't able to order Harrison's or Roudybush pellets online, and will have to do that sometime after I move out. But when I went to the pet...
  9. Reggie

    A Bit of A Problem

    As some of you already know I have three budgies. The older two (Jersey (female) and Manny (male)) were already bonded when I brought Happy (male) home (quarantined him, let them meet, added him to the flock - the whole nine yards). At first there seemed to be a problem between Jersey and Happy...