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budgie care

  1. rebecca252

    Maximum out of cage time?

    I have three budgies, and I was wondering if there is a maximum time they should be outside of their cage? Currently, they pretty much have out of cage time from 9am to 8pm, but I don’t want to over exert them by letting them stay out for too long. Thanks!
  2. BananaBird

    Budgie Information Appreciated!

    Hello humans. I'm a budgie sitting in a tiny glass cage that's crammed full of other budgies at petland, waiting for my person to come and get me. My future human is worried. He has spent countless hours watching youtube videos, and reading articles on budgie care and feeding, but he's still...
  3. SkyOcean

    Is it too much sunlight?

    Hello my lovely people. This is my first post, yay exciting! Hope everyone is in good health. I recently bought 2 budgies and ofc like everyone I had tons of questions/worries since it is my first time but this site has helped me a lot :heart: thanks. I read budgies need sunlight, I wasn’t aware...
  4. S

    My budgie died Suddenly

    My female budgie died suddenly today afternoon.....I had a pair Cherry (fem) and Blossom (male)......The female died today afternoon without any symptoms......She had some feces on anus when she died and it looked to me like infection......What could be the reason of her death?......We have...
  5. merlin&co

    what is the gender of my budgie?!

    I've been on this case since I got him. I wasn't exactly certain of my budgies, gender until quite recently when his cere started to become slightly crusty and light brownish/tan around the corners. Yes, I also realise that females begin to get this crusty/brown cere when they have matured! But...
  6. M

    Urgent Budgie baby become cold

    Hi, one of my budgie pair have babies. But they stop feeding baby. so, I started hand feeding to that baby since yesterday. Its age is 16-17 days. He became weak. He can't stand on his feet and his body temperature became lower. What Should I do now??? Thanks
  7. Emma O'Donnell

    Urgent How to keep sick budgies warm?

    Hi, My two budgies have come down with some sort of illness. They have runny noses, one is sitting at the bottom of the cage, they are breathing heavily, bobbing their tails,etc. I am going to get them to the vet tomorrow (it's 10:30 at night right now) but until then my room is very cold...