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budgie and cockatiel

  1. G

    Food/Diet Plan Help! What to feed my birds?!

    I need to know the percentage (by weight) of pellets, seeds, veggies, and fruits to feed to my cockatiels and budgie. They all share the same food (yes, they do each have their own food bowls & water), and right now i have a food plan of 60% pellets, apx. 18% veggies, apx. 17% seeds (sprouted)...
  2. MPCacatúa

    Question! Budgies and Cockatiel Share a Cage?

    Hey guys! I am on a wait list to get a cockatiel and am so excited!! I am currently the 8th person on the list (getting closer!). I have 4 budgies in a large flight cage of 31” x 20.5” x 53”. I have been researching if I could house them together and have been getting answers in both directions...
  3. Birdman696

    Conure aviary species mixing?

    So I’m in the process of converting my shed into an aviary, the shed is quite large, and I don’t doubt I could fit in my current birds (4 budgies 2 cockatiels). But I was just wondering how conures are in regards to sharing an aviary with budgies and cockatiels? I’ve been trying to do research...
  4. C


    I’m new to this site just dropped in to introduce my birbs! 1 singing budgie and 1 cuddly cockatiel
  5. edenic

    Can budgies eat cockatiel pellets?

    My budgie Sky has been on Harrison’s lifetime mash for awhile now and she seems to like it (or at least tolerate it) but lately she has taken to sneaking into our cockatiel’s cage and eating his pellets as well. Our cockatiel is currently on HARI’s Tropimix, we were wondering if it would be...
  6. Petals

    <3 I'm Sun!

    Hello! :bliss:Sun, Alabama, owner of two budgies, a cockatiel, & very soon a quaker! I hope to learn a lot from you guys and get to know cool bird owners in my area :D Or, anywhere really, all good w me! Friends are friends :flowgdnc:I have a ball python as well, and im interested in getting...
  7. Violaxo


    Hello! Sorry for all my posts. I love my baby girl and just want what’s best for her and I’ve gotten good advice from this forum. So I know bad posture can mean that a bird is sick... however, she’s eating, her poops are normal, she sings all morning, hops around her cage occasionally. But...
  8. M

    What is the minimum cage size for Cockatiels and budgies????

    Hi, I put my 1 pair of cockatiels in 24''x18''x18'' cage and 1 pair of normal budgies in (not english budgies) 20''x16''x14''. But I want to know what is the minimum cage size for cockatiels and budgies?? (using for both Breeding cage and Flying cage), Thanks
  9. M

    Can I pet Budgies, Finches, Java sparrows in same room in different cages?

    Hello, I have few pair of budgies and cockatiels in different cages in same room. But now, I want to pet finches and java sparrows in budgie's room in different cages. Can I will face any problem or my budgie will get disease from finches and java sparrows?? Thanks
  10. M

    Asthmatic Allergic patient and pet birds

    Hello, I have one question again, me and my family members has asthmatic problem. But, I want to pet birds. I bought 5 pair budgies and 1 pair cockatiels in difference room. No one sleep or stay in that room. I want to know health related question. Can I able to pet birds in this situation?? If...
  11. Serin

    Pictures Budgie and Cockatiel Bonding

    Hey.... Joey... hey are you awake.... psssst..... psssssssssst... I am now... what is it!? Oh. I just wanted to tell you good morning! ...good morning Bailey... It sure is, best friend.