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  1. BabyBirdMa

    Choking, hiccups or sick?

    I’m in a bit of a panic. It’s in the middle of the night and my parakeet: Lydia started making this coughing/sneezing/hiccup? Soft, squeaky sound. I turned on my flashlight to examine her and she kept acting like she was trying to cough something up. She eventually stopped and hasn’t since made...
  2. L

    plastic mesh for cage for budgerigars

    this is my old thread. Since that thread I decided to wait a bit, and decide some time latter because It wasn't handy, the parrots already had a pretty good cage. Some time ago I got an idea of using a plastic mesh (polythene) instead of metal wire mesh. The cage will be for two budgerigars...
  3. BabyBirdMa

    Parakeets brutally fighting?!

    Okay so I’ve had to place each one of my parakeets in a separate cage recently because they all started fighting to the point where they were injuring each other. First Heisinbird really beat up Saul, splitting his lower beak down the middle, bruising his eye and inflicting a bite wound on his...
  4. BabyBirdMa

    My Parakeets Keep Dying

    First, Gus died suddenly over night and now, Heisenbird has terminal Cancer which is apparently common?! What do I do? How do I protect my birds? Why does this keep happening to me?
  5. S

    My Budgie is lethargic and can not longer use his feet properly (sad update #5)

    Until last night, everything seemed relatively OK, my Budgie does have a history of issues so this was not completely unexpected. He has an enlarged liver and heart and was bred as a show budgie, so I knew that he was more prone to issues. Last night, he ended up on the bottom of the cage (not...
  6. Em.gnzz

    Odd breathing

    Hello, I have a little budgie who is 3 years old and I began to notice a few months ago that his breathing sounds odd. I'm not sure if he is sick, he still jumps around, sings, plays and eats. Sometimes he just starts the weird breathing and a minute later he's back to normal. I also previously...
  7. Lovebird27

    What budgie mutation is this?

    Hey everyone :coffeescreen:, me again. Can you help me out with this mutation, thanks.
  8. M

    Can i keep parakeets and finch, java sparrow in same room

    Hi This my another post.i pet parakeet speciesin my bird room.ihave budgues,cockatie, lovebirds.now i purchase some finch and java. But my one relative said its not good for parakeets health.finches and java spread many Disease in parakeets species. Its really true?if yes how i control it...
  9. M

    want to know safe grain,fruits,vegetable for budgies,lovebird,cockatial.

    hello this is my another post.i want to know safe and suitable list grain, fruits,vegetable for budgies,lovebird,cockatial.please help me thanks.
  10. M

    so hot here!today in my aviary temperature 34 'C

    hlw previously i post about hot temperature in my bird room.today temperature reach 34 'C in my aviary.i will use stand fan/table fan.can i set it in front my aviary bird cage (distance 5-6 feet) in moving position? just for soft breeze .its safe for my birds because i heard direct wind harm for...
  11. M

    which bird are hypoallergic and produce less dust.

    hellow this is my another post.today my one friend come my house.she saw my birds room.and she interested my birds.she also want to pet bird and made an mini aviary.but her problem she has dustallergy and asthma.but she want pet some birds.so my question which type birds are less dust and...
  12. M

    can mineral block actually safe gor birds

    hellow i heard minearel block and vitamin block actually not good for birds?because it contain plastar of paris,cement,zipsam etc. this element work like slow poison for birds.specially plastar of paris harm more for bird?is it true?if im not use minearel block only use eggshell...
  13. C

    New budgie

    I'm a new owner of a budgie. I've had her for a few months now and bonding is tough. I've studied as much as I can and been very patient with her. But no matter what I do she's still scared to come close to me. I need some advise. I don't know what to do now.
  14. AmandaFitz

    Live Plants for budgies

    Hello again everyone! I would like to add a few live plants into my budgies’ cage. I feel as though it may be an enriching and exciting for them to have a new component in their cage other than new toys. Can anyone recommend some safe live plants for budgies? Thanks!
  15. AmandaFitz

    Is this a good diet for budgies?

    Hi everyone, I am looking for some advice regarding my budgies’ diets. I give them ZuPreem fruit blend pelleted food as a daily diet staple. Once or twice a week I will give them a commercial seed blend as a treat, as well as some spray millet. My real questions regard what I prepare for them...