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breathing problem

  1. S

    Cockatiel shortness of breath - please help!

    So I have a 12 year old cockatiel. About 2-3 years ago, he started exhibiting these weird wet exhale noises, like he’s gasping for breath. Shortness of breath. Wheezing. Sneezing. Here’s a video of what I’m talking about: They usually occur after he drinks water or he preens. I lowered the...
  2. P

    i dont know what to do

    We adopted a little canary that fell on my grandpas store back in January, but ever since the things have gone downhill. At first, during his first week, he had a few barely noticeable symptoms that there was something wrong, very small tail bobbing, sometimes he would open his beak to...
  3. M

    Urgent Budgie Making weird noises after flight

    Hi everyone, new to the forum just so I can get some help and advice for my sick budgie, Gwen. On Saturday, my husband and I came home to find Gwen breathing a little heavily, puffy, and leaning to one side. She was limping a bunch and we thought she may have hurt her leg when we were gone...
  4. Z

    Urgent Crop filled with liquid and the chick is regurgitateing most of the time

    my 20 day old baby finch is making clicking sound and breathing with its mouth. And today in the morning its sack was also full of air, i gently massaged the air out. it was also trying to regurgitated. Please help me out, there are no vet clinic in my area.
  5. K

    Parrot sneezing, gasping ? (Sad update #29)

    I am so so confuse. I don’t know if this is coughing, sneezing/gasping. I have taken the bird to the vet after her liver biopsy like 4 times already the last time he flushed her nostrils. I am so so frustrated and worried. He told me it was because of the intubation and she aspirated a little...
  6. MangoTheLB

    Urgent A couple concerns about my Lovebird

    It's been a couple days since I posted about my dearest bird, Mango making these weird noises when she's breathing and it seems as though it hasn't really stopped. She's laid her first egg a couple days ago and still has many more to come - from what I've heard from a vet I've been to. When...
  7. B

    Urgent Bird won’t sleep ?

    My male cocktail who getting quite old now(21) has started whistling and chirping at night and drinking a LOT of water which is kind of concerning, normally he sleeps just fine covered ,with a small night light on and also has a little drink before bed .He is also acting as if he is gasping for...
  8. maounm

    7 weeks old macaw panting

    Hi my 7 week old macaw was heavily panting when he was resting today. Sometimes he is just normal and when he rests he pants. If i play with him and is walking his breath remains normal. Please help. I am sharing a youtube video link https://youtube.com/shorts/xavoUCNB0M8 Playing
  9. G

    Hahns Macaw Breathing Problem

    Hi, a few weeks ago mine and my partners hahns macaw named Winston started with a sudden onset of laboured breathing, he seemed fine other than this breathing which was very loud. On the way to the vets it suddenly stopped but we still gave him his full course of antibiotics. Just yesterday the...
  10. L

    Green check conure wheezing and wet breathing

    My green cheek has had on and off occurrences of breathing issues like wet breaths, mouth breathing or wheezing combined with sneezing since I got her at 4 months old, but she has a great appetite and energy levels. I’ve taken her to the vet and they say she is really healthy and we have tried...
  11. S

    Budgie Hunched Over

    My budgie Tobi has been hunched over lately and this has been accompanied by a slight (but not constant) voice change. He appears to possibly be breathing harder than usual, and is also most likely female. I’ll most likely be taking him to the vet soon anyway, but I’m wondering if this is cause...
  12. kaseytropical

    Rehoming Sun Conure in Arizona

    Hi im new to this forum and do not want to be judged because I know there is a lot of judgment with people rehoming birds because they simply "dont have the time", etc. However that is not the case, I love my sun conure to death and cant even believe I have to think about rehoming him but I have...
  13. Karebear

    Need Advice for Respiratory Illness in Conure

    Hello All! This is my first time on this board, and was hoping to get some advice for my lovely 5-year old Green Cheek Conure, Oscar. About one month ago, I started hearing a very faint whistling only occasionally when Oscar got worked up or was moving around a lot, but was otherwise acting...
  14. Blue Aqua

    Parakeet with clicking sound

    :budgie2::anyone: Hello, I have a 7 y.o. male parakeet. About 2 weeks ago he started making clicking sound & his tail moving up & down a little every time he takes a breath. He eats & drinks, cleans himself, chirps & has no problems otherwise. He is on Baytril antibiotic currently. Anybody had...