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  1. C

    senegal bité conures toe

    hello everyone what do you guys think of this? do you guys think is infected??? a few days ago i think on the 3th my senegal parrot flew on the cage of my couture and bit both of his feet but i only saw the left foot and didn’t seem to bad , after a day or two i saw he didn’t wanna stand on his...
  2. Mia V

    Bird biting siblings and strangers at random

    I have a Quaker that bites strangers and two particular siblings at random. Not too frequently. One is complaining about it, but when I brought up the fact that with effort the behavior could stop. They started talking about how it's my pet and I should be putting the work into it and how they...
  3. A


    When I first got Totoro (~5months), he seemed very gentle and nibbly(curiosity). I put him on my shoulder without any thoughts and let him out of the cage by himself. I was able to teach him to “step up” but he soon dropped it. Now with him biting, I’m trying to teach this to him again so that...
  4. D

    Cockatiel mirror/video/sound aggression

    My male cockatiel is usually pretty comfortable and loving around me if not somewhat indifferent, but I’ve noticed something weird lately. I know not to give my cockatiel mirrors as they tend to get obsessive over them, but sometimes my cockatiel finds a way to talk to his own shadow/reflection...
  5. A

    Extremely aggressive Lovebird, Don't know what to do.

    Today I was chased out of the living room by my bird after he wouldn't stop flying for my head to attack me. Icarus came to me 4 months ago. He (she???) is a lovebird and was rehomed at 8 months cause his old owner moved away. Im inexperienced too I'll admit. This is my first birdie. But I...
  6. Valorous


    Hello I desperately need help. I got my first bird (a male Hahns macaw of 6 months) about 4 weeks ago. He was the sweetest, friendliest bird... up til four days ago. Now he bites all the time and really hard too. He bites my fingers and my face and clings on, it has bled 3 times. He gets...
  7. M

    Rescued military macaws

    Hello fellow bird brains :) My husband and I just rescued a pair of military macaws they were rescued about 8 months ago from Portland Oregon animal shelter along with about 240 other parrots. The man arrested was cross breeding in attempts to create hybrids, feeding them things lime...
  8. C

    Pictures What is the best way to move my untamed cockatiel to a new cage?

    Hello, I recently inherited a 5-6 year old cockatiel (Caesar) that was never tamed or taken out of his cage. I have had him for a year now, and he is a very sweet and happy bird who gets plenty of treats and toys. He sings all the time. He is currently in the cage that I received him in, a ~4...
  9. Good_birdy

    Mixed signals?

    Hi everyone! I've had my adorable yellowside green cheek conure for about 2 weeks. She's about 5 months. She warmed up to myself and my boyfriend at about the 4-5 day mark of having her. She hesitates or refuses to step up a lot, but I usually use treats to convince her to and she complies...
  10. Magala

    Dominance and lovebirds?

    I have had dogs as pets most of my life and I have had birds for 11 years, (cockatiel, Cleo and parakeet - RIP Chico) and now two lovies, Gatsby and Olive. My previous heart dog, Maggie, was a dominant girl and challenged me up until she became too sick to do so. She succumbed to oral...