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bird food

  1. ZY28

    Harrison's pellets changes from batch to batch?!?

    I just opened a new bag of Harrison's pellets that I just bought from the vet and I noticed that the colour is lighter than usual, the pellets are smaller and the shape of them is a lot more square.... I am glad my bird didn't notice anything and still ate his pellets or I'll be in big trouble...
  2. wiggie2609

    dehydrated bird chop/mix-in

    HI!! i worry about my birds and there general health, what they consume, what benefits that food has. i lost my 6 months old jenday conure 5 months ago to unknown causes, and that loss has made me fear greatly for my birds health and wellbeing. i strive for a healthy diet of chop, fresh...
  3. Annb

    Is it safe to feed your bird colored pellets?

    I’m getting a macaw and I was searching through food options, i came across a brand that sells colored pellets. I did further research on the product and it says the colorants are natural (chlorophyll, for example) and that it doesn’t contain agrochemicals. Would it be safe to feed (with a well...
  4. L

    Help! - Rainbow lorikeet food

    Hi, I have a male rainbow lorikeet I just recently started taking care of, I was feeding him apples and other fruits and didn’t know he needed nectar and pollen till recently, today I received his orlux Lori feed which contains both nectar and pollen, I wanted to ask as well as this feed along...
  5. CGrillo

    What do your budgies eat?

    I’m curious to know what everyone here feeds their budgies day to day, weekly, etc. Can anyone recommend some seeds or foods they swear by? Right now I feed Luke Natural Select Parakeet Diet but trying to add some zupreem fruit blend pellets to his diet. Here and there he will get veggies but...
  6. Birbs02

    My GCC won’t eat his pellets

    Hello I recently added a baby yellow sided GCC to our family. He is such a wonderful bird who is very cuddly and curious but he won’t eat his pellets! He was given to us with a food mix that had pellets in it but mostly seeds, I have mixed the food mix into zupreem pellets but he just picks...
  7. Zara

    Pictures Lovebird breakfast

    Lapis and Nube enjoying their breakfast. I think it is their favourite meal of the day :) Just a simple one today; Strawberries with tops, green peppers, courgette, pumpkin, peas, rocket, couple of pieces of sweetcorn, sprouted lentils, mung beans and sunflower seeds, poppy seeds, slight...
  8. EPS

    Bird mites in spray millet?!

    Hi all - Has anyone experienced bird mites or bird mites in spray millet?! I am very concerned because I think I've spotted mites while cleaning up after my bird. I have a suspicion that they might have been blood mites, so I inspected my bird's head and feet a few hours after lights out...
  9. L

    Linnie diet

    I have a female Linnie that loves pears, apples, lettuce, nectarines, red bell peppers, corn. Looking for other ideas on what to feed her in addition to her seed staple. Thank you.