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bird cage

  1. S

    Safe to use Vinyl flooring near parrot?

    Hello, I have some leftover waterproof vinyl flooring that I am considering using as a “backsplash” for my birds space- behind his cage and play gyms. I wanted to be able to attach different perches and toys and allow him to basically be able to climb up the wall in addition to his other spaces...
  2. BudgieLove

    New Cage

    New cage for Nellie & Kev… so far they love it and exploring perch on top of cage…. Fully supervised at moment while they are on the top as I am teaching them how to get in & out of the cage safely. I feel this is a good spot as they have the wall when in cage to feel secure and window to look...
  3. B

    Cage feedback?

    Could I get some feedback on this cage setup? I’m considering getting a small bird, though I haven’t owned one in years and I’m wondering if my cage setup looks decent. I haven’t decided on a kind of bird yet, just that I want something small-ish and not particularly noisy. I measured this cage...
  4. AddieWattl

    New bird owner!

    Hello everyone! I am new here and getting a cockatiel in a few days. This is my cage setup, I still need to get stainless steel bowls but does anyone have any tips for new bird owners or cage feedback? Thanks.
  5. AmberC

    Laura’s new cage

    We got Laura (our fully flighted rainbow lorikeet) new cage since her old one was way too small! It came with dowel perches and plastic bowls, but we removed them since dowel perches can cause numerous foot problems and plastic bowls can grow bacteria very easily. We will be also be adding SS...
  6. Skyandkiwi

    Budgies in their new cage, but only on the sides of it

    Hi, So I transferred my two budgies into their new flight cage, and surprisingly it went smoothly. They aren’t scared at all and eat their treats when offered, preen, sleep and slightly move around. The only problem is that they’re doing all of this on the sides of the cage. Once they hopped...
  7. E

    Looking for large cage for small bird

    Hello, I am new to this forum. I have 2 birds, a ringneck dove and a rescued House Sparrow. (Intro to come soon) I am looking for a cage recommendation for my House Sparrow. I want a large flight cage for indoors, with the small bar spacing. I'm hoping to find one asap. He's in a 18" deep, 30"...
  8. P

    Living Room Vs. Private Bird Room?

    Hi all! I am brand new to the community and thrilled to have found a forum for helpful advice! A little bit of background: I am about to become a bird owner for the first time. I am visiting with the owner of a local bird rescue this weekend to meet all her adoptable birds and see if "one...
  9. sheeluhwhet

    New Peep Cage

    I finally got a flight cage for Peep today! I was so excited for him, but it seemed like he was even more excited (or curious?) than I was. :) His reaction was so unexpected that I wanted to share it here. Honestly, I thought that I would have to wait for him to adjust, but he tried to get into...