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behavior issues

  1. D

    Cockatiel resists training/wont go in cage.

    Since I have a lot of spare time right now I thought it would be a good opportunity to teach my cockatiel to fly to me when called. Ive only taught him step up so far but that was many months ago when I first found him. I should start by saying he is not receptive to treats but does love head...
  2. W

    Young Conure Behaviour issues

    Seeking advice, I recently adopted a Jenday conure (born 09/09/2019). She was doing fine with adjusting to her new home at first, being super cuddly and an absolute sweetheart, but after a month I noticed she became hyperactive, screams all the time especially when I leave or enter the room, if...
  3. V3tqueen

    Moody baby tiel

    Hi! I’m super new to these forums so forgive me if I’m doing something wrong. My 5 week old baby tiel Pepper is doing super well, I’ve had him for about two weeks now and his hand feeding and daily routine is good. He is gaining weight, he got his feathers, and is generally a healthy and active...
  4. Cloud

    Is my cockatiel homonal?

    Hello! My cockatiel, Cloud, has changed since late December or January. He seems to get mad or irritated easily now. I used to be able to give him scritches whenever I wanted and as much as I wanted. He never bit me before. Now he is in charge. He only allowed me to pet him a bit, he can bite if...
  5. B

    My first Cockatiel suddenly becomes agressive, HELP ME PLS

    Um, hello! I'm new to cockatiels... and to forums... and to birds at all, actually. A few days ago I bought my first cockatiel who is approximately 7 months old. I kept him inside the cage for the first few days; he would eat from my hand and stand on it and ask for my presence when I went to...
  6. R

    My newly adopted Indian ringneck has feather loss and very thin quill

    Please help. I recently adopted this little angel from a cousin of mine, who rescued her from an abusive family. This birdie was locked up in a tiny cage with little food and no toys. She wasn't allowed out the cage either. Now after I adopted her, I took her to the vet and the doctor assured...
  7. Teagan Hall

    Video How do you scold your bird?

    I was told birds are like toddlers with wings; they were not wrong. And like toddlers it is important to have consequences for good and bad behaviour. Birds scream, it's a natural part of their behaviour. They could be scared, talkative, wanting attention or displaying aggression, etc. Birds...
  8. harpy

    Dive bombing other bird...

    Hi everyone, This is my first time posting so hopefully I am doing this right... I am currently finalising the adoption of my female foster Indian Ringneck, Siren. She's a beautiful bird with an unknown background and age. She's missing a toe and was a un-microchipped lost and found that no one...
  9. Mo Amjad

    Indian ringneck update!!

    What's up people I just wanted to show you guys an update on him. I got him 3 new toys today in which he is already destroying lol. He has been showing less stereotypical behavior since I got him a bigger cage and more toys.
  10. Mo Amjad

    Update on Indian Ringneck

    What's up guys I just bought a new cage online unfortunately because of memorial weekend it's coming on Thursday . This one is 24Lx24Wx32H. The current cage is 17Lx17Hx30H
  11. 2

    Boyfriend’s Meyers parrot is driving me insane.

    This is quite long and ranty, so I apologize. I’m just at my wit’s end here. His name is Fred and my boyfriend thinks he’s about 7 or 8 (got him from a pet store about 5 or 6 years ago so he’s not completely sure). My boyfriend and I have been dating for about a year and a half, and we haven’t...
  12. Jade56

    Cockatiel screaming

    Hi there! I am a first time bird owner and decided on a cockatiel. I did get him from a pet store so he was not handled much when he was small. He warmed up to me in about a week and now every time I let him out he flys up to my shoulder. My problem is not with his chirping, I actually...
  13. Hoshi

    Weird Behavior

    I have had a small mirror on top of my Indian ringneck's cage for about a month now. He has always been very fearful of me and has been keeping to himself, so I thought giving him a mirror would help pique his curiosity. He started out giving himself kisses and stretching his neck as high as it...
  14. _aryxn_

    Ringneck still scared of my hand!

    Ringneck still scared of my hand! I have an Indian Ringneck that I got when it was around 8 weeks or 2 months old. He is currently 9 months old. He can talk, He can whistle and sometimes sing too! He is generally friendly (other than his really annoying cage aggression), He is not very cuddly...
  15. AbnormalAvian

    Hormonal Behavior

    My bird is almost a year old now, and he's starting to become hormonal. He's gotten a lot meaner and won't let me pet him anymore. He also keeps running over to my closet door and tries to squeeze under it for some reason- not too sure what that's about. And he's definitely a 'love'-bird, as I...
  16. K

    My new jenday

    Hello I have read many of these forums and all tho close, none fit the behavior I'm experiencing with my jenday. I'm not new to birds, but cant say I've ever experienced something like this. I just got my jenday 3 days ago. Didnt get her true back story till after I paid and realized she has...