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beak discoloration

  1. B

    Is this a healthy lovebird beak?

    Worried about the colour and what seems like a crack at the front…
  2. susanoo

    Pictures Discolored Beaks?

    I'm sorry these photos are so crappy! My phone would not focus! But my Stormy and Cloudy birds--both blue seem to have much darker beaks than the other birds. Is this normal? The coloration appears to be dark green--or blue. If this is not normal, what do I do? And what does it mean? Apologies...
  3. T

    Urgent What is wrong with my quakers beak?

    My quaker is almost 10 years old. Other than her beak, everything seems fine. It's flakey and has a purple tone to it.
  4. B

    Sparrow's beaks changing colors

    Hi! I'm new here so I'm not really sure how to post questions like this so I hope I'm doing it right. Anyways, so I have 2 house sparrows, one boy and one girl, they're both around 6 months old. Recently as in the past week or so I've noticed both of their beaks are turning dark greyish instead...
  5. enms

    Help out Blu

    Hello everyone! my baby Blu is around 4 months old and when he got in his cage he was trying out some acrobatics. He hurt his beak a few weeks ago climbing on the cage but I cured it with Neosporin. Now it looks a bit different any suggestions?( note he only goes in the cage to sleep and when I...
  6. conureluv

    What is this?

    He gets this patch of colored “beak” that looks like his beak previously flaked off and food got under it. It’s red when he eats strawberries and yellow when he eats his pellets. Is this bad? background info: 10 months old, male, hand fed, diet is Zupreem natural but I am switching him to Rowdybush.
  7. CGrillo

    Is this a bruise?

    This week a noticed a reddish brown mark appear on Luke’s beak. The mark isn’t flaky or anything and it looks like it’s flat and apart of the beak. You can see another section of his beak is trying to grow so I think he might have hurt himself but I’m not sure. He does come out of the cage and...
  8. Turonis

    Beak Discoloration in Sparrow

    Hi everyone, I hope you are all safe in this weird times we are living. I have searched the internet about this issue and the information on sparrows is very scarce, so I decided to post it here because of all the very experienced members of the community. It's the middle of the Fall season here...
  9. J

    Urgent I don’t know

    Hi all, I’m new the forum and a new friend to a young budgie. We purchased him from a local breeder about a month ago, he’s 3 months old now. Behaviourally he’s doing great, eating well and oh so friendly. Always asking to be rubbed around his head/neck and comes when called. I small bitting...