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  1. N

    Breeding curiosity

    I heard someplace a long time ago that Alexandrines only chose one mate for a Lifetime. Meaning they would never mate with another in their lifetime. I am curious if anyone knows about this or if they breed the Alex's and can tell me if its a waste of time to have my Alex with another bird since...
  2. L

    How long does it take for clipped wings to grow back

    unfortunately, while I was away my brother clipped my parrots' wings because when they were flying they kept hitting the wall, he thought they might hurt themselves because his friend's alexandrine broke her leg like that, I got 2 month old green cheek conure and alexandrine
  3. AussieBird

    Asiatic Owners, Come Talk with Me!

    So, not knowing of anyone else with a Slaty Head (in a non breeding situation) I am gathering most of my care information from similar species. So if you own any Asiatic parakeet, from an Alexandrine to a Plumhead, I'd love to hear about them and how you care for them! Anything and everything...
  4. Z

    Please help parrot eye problem

    Hello i have a 5 month old alexandrine who is active, eating, drinking, and playing. His diet is very good. Nothing has changed in his behaviour apart from the fact that his right eye seems to be itchy and the skin around the eye seems to be a little red. He doesnt blink normally with the right...
  5. T

    Seeking Advice - Female Indian Ringneck (Male Alexandrine Questions)

    I currently have a female Indian ringneck who I’ve been working with for five years. She chose my dad as her mate, but she knows I’m her caregiver. I have not lived with my parents in a while, and I’ve been living with my partner for a while. I have done so much research and gone through phases...
  6. JulietRose

    Anybody know where to get an Alexandrine in Texas?

    I live in southeast Texas and I’ve been having a hard time finding anyone selling alexandrines, I’ve been thinking about getting one but I feel like nobody sells them. Does anybody knows a place I could get one (it doesn’t have to be a baby, but preferably already tame) that is priced...
  7. E

    Eating Pinecone and Bark

    Hi all, recently one of my birds has started eating non-food things. Firstly it was bark which I then took away, but now he's eating pinecone too. I know for a fact he's eating it because I can see it in his poop, little solid bits. At least I know it's coming out and not getting stuck in his...
  8. C

    Aggressive Alex

    Hello, I have a rescue Alexandrine that has a terrible fear of hands and arms. She’ll happily sit on my chest, head, shoulder and legs but will bite, attack and squawk at the mere sight/presence of my hands and/or arm. She is also petrified of the stick I have been trying to use to remove her...
  9. E


    Hi all, I was hoping for some help in dealing with aggression in one of my birds. I have two Alexandrine Parakeets; Cookies and Pickles, they are brothers a bit over 2 and a half years old and have been with me for about 2 years. They've been caged together their entire lives in a reasonably big...
  10. A

    can i mix an alexandrine and an amazon parrot?

    Eu tenho um papagaio alexandrino bebê e pretendo comprar uma amazona (amazona-de-frente-azul) em alguns meses. O aviário / gaiola tem 2 metros de altura e 3,5 metros de largura e é apenas para quando os pássaros dormem e quando eles têm que ficar sozinhos em casa (geralmente saem com eles, então...
  11. ParrotNuts

    Wild Ringnecks!!!!!!!

    I just got my hands on a good camera, so I've been trying to take as many birdy pics as possible :rubhands: and the presence of wild ringnecks and alexanderines around my apartment isn't discouraging me!!! :lol: So, I'll use this thread to post wild parrot pics :D
  12. ravenousss

    I can't tell whether my bird is an Alexandrine or an IRN, help??

    My bird is 9 months old and I've presumed he is an Alexandrine Parakeet since that's what I was told when I got him, however, now that I look at more Alexandrine Parakeet images he doesn't seem to have that red spot on his wings like in the images I've seen. Sure, I understand not having the...
  13. L

    Alexandrine or Lord Derby? Help me decide please!

    Hello all! I have been looking to get a larger parrot for quite some time. I’ve owned many birds in the past my GCC passed last year and now I’m ready for another friend. In a perfect world, I would love a Grey but since they are out of my budget I was looking at either an IRN (love the colors)...
  14. Ashnic

    The Good, Bad and the Ugly about Derbyan Parakeets

    Hey guy, I don't own a Derby. But I'm thinking of getting one. Would love some input from owners of them :)
  15. E

    Alexandrine trying to escape from cage non stop

    Hello ! I'm new to this forum. 2 days ago I got my alexandrine parakeet and he is about month old. He is still on his formula and sometimes eats seeds. So I'm kinda experienced, so far I had budgie, aggressive cockatiel and lovely Platycercus elegans (dunno the english term) He is spending a lot...
  16. kyandfriends

    any tips for befriending a bird i work with?

    hi everyone! i just started working at a facility that boards parrots, and one bird, alex, actually lives there. she's a lovely little alexandrine parakeet who generally prefers men. i would like for her to be easy to work with - and honestly i'm pretty smitten with her, too - so i'm going to...
  17. B

    My parrot is missing another parrot that was with him while he was handfed

    I think my parrot is sad because he is missing another parrot that was with him while he was hand fed. I hope that some of you can help me with my situation
  18. singermanlynne

    Crying baby Alexandrine

    I have had an Alexandrine in the past and loved her. My previous Alex was 6 months old when I got her and she had no baby behaviors. I wanted another and I recently was able to get a 14 week old male. He had been eating on his own for 3 weeks when the breeder let me get hiim. He has gained...
  19. N

    Abnormal feather

    Hi, I have an 8yr old alexandrine parakeet. She has a deformity in her feathers from birth, in which some feathers would grow out twisted and is very painful for her. We have contacted some local vets and they don't have much idea on how we can cure her. It would be great if anyone here have any...
  20. G

    Alexandrine parrot advice needed :)

    Hi everyone.my name is glen and I love in Halifax Ns. I joined this site as I would love some advice / information about alexandrine parrots. My wife and I are looking to have our first pet bird. We have had other pets thought out the years and currently still have a very relaxed cat who...