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agressive bird

  1. R

    bird is aggressive to my brother only

    My 6 year old green cheeked conure has lately been attacking my brother a lot. This has become a recent problem. Before, he used to take interest in my brother but that was all. Now, when he hears my brothers door open, he flies upstairs and attacks him. Or even when he is going back to his...
  2. bloopitybo

    male budgies getting really aggressive over female

    hiii so ive had budgies for around 5 years but ive never seen any of them get aggresive like this, so currently ive got xam (male, 5yrs old), nina (female, 2 years old), beep (male, 2 years old) and xam and nina's son bloop (male, 1 year old). Theyve got a cage but theyre always open and...
  3. BabyBirdMa

    Bird health update: Self harming and aggression

    Bit of a health update on Ms. Bailey, my African Grey and Danny, my Yellow-Sided Conure: We took Ms. Bailey to the vet for her foot-sores and it turns out they were self-inflicted. She turned out to be stressed because the eggs she laid weren’t hatching. I have since removed the cat-hut and...
  4. niamhk

    Conure being aggressive to cockatiels

    Ask Yoshi my GGC is quite aggressive at times to the cockatiels. Today he pulled a few of Kiya’s feathers out and at one point they were both on the net and Yoshi went to Kiya so she jumped off and then Yoshi bit hold of her tail feathers and I had to get over to help Kiya. luckily she was fine...
  5. Chloejoyy

    Random aggression

    Today my 10mo old cockatiel flew to me & attacked my face. He has never been aggressive towards me, he will show me when to back off by opening his beak and i respect that. I have no idea where this random aggression came from and need to put a stop to it immediately. He made my face bleed. I...
  6. A

    Extremely aggressive Lovebird, Don't know what to do.

    Today I was chased out of the living room by my bird after he wouldn't stop flying for my head to attack me. Icarus came to me 4 months ago. He (she???) is a lovebird and was rehomed at 8 months cause his old owner moved away. Im inexperienced too I'll admit. This is my first birdie. But I...
  7. Jismys

    Aggressive Conure I need help

    Hi I have a green cheek conure since July 2015 he always been playful and sweet. Since about 6 month I noticed that he's changing it's at different times of the day and different occasions. Sometimes in the mirning coming out of the cage ir just being with me playing, it's on different...
  8. mochiballs

    Help! Maccha is attacking my sister.

    Maccha has recently started flying at my sister's face when ever she walks past his cage, or is sitting on his favourite couch. Is there anything I can do to stop Maccha from dive bombing her?
  9. M

    Unstable and dangerous 5 years old severe macaw

    Hi I've lost chunk of my chin Have split lip And hole in my ear Bled bowl full of blod. No, I did not hurt my bird, but certainly I'm mad and angry. I wouldn't hurt him for several reasons even given the above stated facts because he's young, fully feathered and with strong health (he's on very...