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lineolated parakeet

  1. R

    2 very shy Linnies landed

    Hi all, I have 2 beautiful but very shy female Linnies just landed. I planned on just 1 but these two are sisters and seem pretty bonded. I’m aware it will take more time to bond and happy to put the effort in. I have recently had fantastic success with the tiel who was very shy and quiet and is...
  2. Anthony33

    Hello - New here, Kiwi and Tiki, Linnies

    New here and hope to keep learning more about birds and enjoying others photos. KIWI - M, 12 months TIKI - M, 4 months
  3. moothepoo

    Limitations of physical exam

    History I have an 8 year old Linnie. We have never missed an annual health checkup. Every annual checkup, the vet said that he is healthy. He has a healthy weight, he acts normal; talking, eating, drinking, chirping, making demon noises in the middle of the night after the light is off, humping...
  4. P

    Parrotlet Vs Linnie

    Help convince me! I am getting a bird and narrowed it down to two options; I will either get a linnie pair or a single parrotlet. But after tons of research, I cant decide! My husband and I work 9-5 and have a baby on the way. I have had birds before but never a parrot of any kind. I have found...