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injured bird help advice please

  1. A

    Sunken eye in a chicken

    My poor rooster was attacked by a dog and now he can’t open one of his eyes and it’s sunken in. And when I go to look at it there’s white clear stuff covering it but it can move and from what I’ve seen his actual eye seems ok. Is there a way to help him with that? also he has a few bites in his...
  2. Slayer21


    Good day to everyone here. Hope everyone is well and safe. i am posting after a long time. I know this might be the most careless mistake i have every made and i regret it fully. About 2 hours or so ago i had an accident with the bird. I hopped off my bed and stepped on my cockatiel. As soon...
  3. J

    My bird hit a ceiling fan, what should i do? (Sad update #8)

    My 5 year old sun conure ran into a ceiling fan i assume last night. I must have accidentally left the cage open while I slept. I woke up this morning and he was weak and could barely hold his head up. Currently he is sitting on me, bobbing his head up and down slowly, and chirping every once in...
  4. MPCacatúa

    Scab on Baby Budgie’s Wing

    Hey guys! Today was the first time I misted Ollie (not a fan!) but I noticed a scab on his right wing after he was wet. Is this from a lost blood feather? Do I need to be worried or do anything for him? He is not babying it at all and still flaps both wings and gets around normally. Thank you!!!
  5. P

    Urgent Black toe, please help! I'm losing my mind??

    About a week ago I got a beautiful male parrotlet feom a breeder. I thought i had found a good breeder "Flybabies Aviary", however I am afraid I might have made a made the wrong choice. The poor guy is sweet but not at all ajdusted to my presence, he will accept millet from my hands but is not...
  6. E

    Urgent Please help!

    My Sun Conure’s name is Ava, she is about 10 months old. When we got her she did not have her flight feathers and has just started to regain her flight feathers. Tonight, I started putting my birds away leaving Ava to be the last. She frantically flew around the room and flew into the wall and...
  7. Keeks315

    Harry the Eclectus

    My boy Harry is a 8-9 year old Eclectus. I adopted him from a family who could no longer care for him 2 years ago. He came to me with arthritis on his left foot. Just last week he broke his left leg we are on the road to recovery. Slowly but surely. Now my question is, anything I should be doing...
  8. _aryxn_

    Urgent Broken or Injured Wing?!?

    I have a green cheek conure and shes a sweetheart and she is very bonded to me even though I have only had her for 10 days. She is clipped, but she still manages to always fly very well and always flies onto me. One day, I noticed she isnt as active, or flighty and is more fluffed up throughout...
  9. R

    Help for a Recovering Budgie (first post)

    Hello, community! I'm a long-time lurker (if you count 2-3 months as "a long time"), and I have a very important question that, hopefully, someone can help me with. I've owned several birds over the years (six budgies, one cockatiel, and one conure) but I've never encountered an issue with any...
  10. Zelphaba

    Urgent Hit a Mirror!

    I have a green cheek conure, his* name is Beijos and he's my best little buddy. Last night I had him out and he was hanging out on his cage, I dunno what spooked him but he started flying all over the room - actually a pretty common thing for him to do anyway. He hit my mirror and managed to...