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Suddenly Hates me!!


Moving in
Amazing progress so soon, I wish you the best of luck with your new friend, he sounds like he wants to trust you and he's putting in the effort, just as you are. I'm no expert but I'm sure, as long as you take in his body language/signs of destress and back up when necessary, you'll be the best of friends given time. :)

n’s tiel

Moving in
Wing spreading is often a side of dominance and more often seen in females than males and is the birds way of claiming their space, sometimes ot is also a form of exercise, I also heard from a breeder that some birds do it to show how attractive they feel(which makes sense because Frost has done it to my sister's budgie who she has a crush on and was laying a huge amount of eggs when they lived next to each other.) So maybe your bird is feeling good about him/herself .

This picture is dark but here is an example of Frost doing "batwings" she was in a very good mood that day, so I dont think it was a dominance thing. She doesnt flap while doing this just hangs. Is thisbwhat your bird is doing?View attachment 319315
Finally got a picture of him doing it! He does it often, when he’s just relaxing or when he’s perched on my finger and he doesn’t seem stressed or nervous so i’m not sure what it is